Rosary Community Welcomes Mr. Basford


Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

Three years ago, we received Dr. Pautsch as our head of school. This year, we have received Mr. Basford as our principal.

On September 4th, Rosary Academy held a special mass to bless Mr. Basford as the new principal of Rosary Academy. As a Catholic high school, we believe in the graces that God bestows upon us through liturgy. Thus, the Campus Ministry of Rosary made it their absolute priority to make it an extraordinary mass.

Father Ian blesses this year’s Eucharistic Ministers.
Photo By Mrs. Reinbold

Mrs. Kearns, the Director of Campus Ministry, says that planning the masses means “bringing alive our faith to our we can awaken [their] hearts.” Mrs. Flati adds, “It’s like planning a party. You do your best and you wait for God to show up and then you’re always surprised at how beautiful it is.”

Father Ian blesses Rosary’s school directors.
Photo By Mrs. Reinbold

Rosary’s campus ministry leaders execute that plan. People such as Jackie and Tim Kearns (Rosary’s power couple, who sing extraordinarily), the Women’s Ensemble, the facilities staff, the altar servers, the lectors, and many more all play an important part in making Rosary’s masses what they are.

The Royal Reporter got to interview a few of these people.

Although all three altar servers, Jonnie Robles ’21, Giselle Castaneda ’21, and Grace Markos ’22, had only altar served in their home parishes, they wanted to play their part in the mass by putting in their efforts into serving the Lord.

Jonnie Robles ’21, Giselle Castaneda ’21, and Grace Markos ’22 enter the mass ready to serve the Lord.
Photo By Mrs. Reinbold

Additionally, Noelle Bermudez ’21 and Elena Walz ’22, the two lectors, both knew how vital their part was in the mass. They both bravely stepped up and proclaimed the Word of God with a clear and distinct voice.

One of the two presiders, Father Ian, also got to share what the mass (and blessings) meant to him. Father Ian explained that he enjoys everything about the mass because “through the Holy Spirit and the grace of God, the gifts residing in each of those blessed in the mass…develop and [are] shared with other people.”

Father Ian also mentioned that his favorite part about hosting a mass at a high school is the student participation. He enjoys listening to the whole student body sing, which makes the mass come alive.

Father Ian beaming during mass.
Photo By Mrs. Reinbold

Last but not least, the Royal Reporter spoke with Mr. Basford, who is honored to be chosen and blessed as Rosary’s new principal. Mr. Basford looks forward to getting to know Rosary as a community. He wants to “make classroom improvements, enhance curricular offerings, and make the Rosary experience the best it can possibly be for all the students.” During his time in Rosary, along with his awesome team, Mr. Basford says that he hopes to produce “faith-filled students who are well prepared, literate and numerate,” students who will one day be able to “take advantage of all that higher education has to offer.”

Mr. Basford receives his blessing as the new principal of Rosary Academy.
Photo By Mrs. Reinbold

As the soul is refreshed after every mass, so is Rosary Academy as it receives another beloved leader who, as Dr. Pautsch stated, “is willing to take Rosary into a new direction.” Everyone is very excited to see where the new year, and especially Mr. Basford, will take us.