Horsing Around


Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

Have you ever pet a horse’s tail before? Well junior Marlisa Meijerink has. She spent her summer at High Meadows Farms in New Hampshire for horse camp. Marlisa learned how to ride and take care of horses, all the while having the time of her life.

Horse Camp with a view. Photo provided by lakewinnipesaukeenh.com

High Meadows Farms is a beautiful horseback riding camp located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. It offers riders like Marlisa a warm and friendly environment to learn everything they need to know about horses, from grooming to gearing up.  Marlisa loved spending her summer there: “I got to braid the horses’ tails. It was so much fun.”  Marlisa explained to the Royal Reporter that she wished her schedule didn’t conflict with horse camp every summer so she could go back.

Our very own Marlisa was awarded “Outstanding Rider” during Horse Birthday Week. Marlisa went above and beyond and outshone the other campers. Marlisa explained: “I got the award because I counted how many hands tall my horse was. Her name was Tinkerbell and she was seventeen hands tall.” Awesome job, Marlisa. She also explained to the Royal Reporter what Horse Birthday Week is. Horse Birthday Week is a week dedicated to the horses’ birthdays. There are so many horses so it’s easier for the counselors and the campers to celebrate them all in one week, and it makes for a more exciting and festive camp experience.

Horse Birthday Week award. Photo by Riley Hawkins ’20

Marlisa said her favorite part about camp was spending quality time with the horses: “They all had Disney names. Except for Skittles and Oreo.” She loved how each horse had its own personality and that she got to know them as she spent time taking care of them while she was away at camp. Marlisa only had one problem with camp: “High Meadows Farms is so far away. I wish it was closer to where I live so I could go back more often.”

Tinkerbell the horse. Photo by Marlisa Meijerink ’21

When asked about her favorite part of Horse Camp, Marlisa answered: “Everything. The camp itself was so much fun because of all the cool things I got to learn.” Marlisa would love to share her horse stories with anyone willing to listen.