Friday Night (Spot) Lights


Servite Friars Taking the Field Photo by Karly Karlson

Kate Noden, Editor-in-Chief

The Servite Friars have kicked off yet another season. They had their first game on Friday, August 30th against John W. North High School, dominating the game 48-7.

The Royal Reporter wanted an inside scoop of what it’s like to be a Servite Football player. So we hit the sidelines to observe and interview the Servite studs, starting with Senior Tristen Wilson.

Wilson is impressive. He starts varsity as a defensive end and lineman and is a team captain, and last year he made the All Trinity League. Wearing #81, Wilson describes his position as someone who “contains the defensive side of the ball”  and “dominates the offensive line.”

Wilson #81 Defending the Ball
Photo by Karly Karlson










Wilson shows no sign of letting up this year. In the morning, he gets to school early to study game film, and his preparation doesn’t stop there. “I always eat a huge lunch and drink about a gallon of water so I am ready for my practice,” Wilson told the Royal Reporter. “As soon as the bell rings I hit the field until about 7 pm. Then I go home, eat again, then sleep.” When Wilson and his teammates aren’t studying the opposition, they’re studying hard to keep up their grades.

To most this repetitive hard work can seem exhausting, but to the team, this is how they attain victory. After their first win of the season, Player #75, Jeminaii ’20,  stated, “Going through all this pain, hard work, and sacrifice will all pay off and it started to show last night.”

Servite Friars Preparing for Their Game
Photo by Karly Karlson

With all this time devoted to football, how do the players maintain a social life?  “Athletics are my social life,” Wilson stated. “During football season I’m constantly working hard and giving everything I have to my team.” And during the off season, Wilson, as he says, “dominates” the wrestling team. Last year he led the team to CIF victory and became Orange County Wrestler of the Year.

Wilson Ready For Action
Photo by Karly Karlson

Wilson and the Friars’ next match is Saturday the 7th at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, and their first home game is September 20th against Villa Park High. Be sure to get out there and cheer on the team for another victory.