Get a Load of These Lockers


Sarah Ybarra '23 in front of her locker. Photo by Maryann Compton

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

Here at Rosary, you can find lockers all over campus. However as the 2019-2020 school year begins, more and more students are no longer using their lockers. Due to textbooks now being accessible online, more students would rather carry their books on their laptop than in their backpacks. While this may be the path most students choose, there are still a small number of students that use their lockers. The Royal Reporter went around campus, and found students that still use their lockers.

Freshman Kolina Janji’s beautiful locker. Photo by Maryann Compton











Kolina Janji ’23 expresses, “I decorated my locker because I believe that a positive work space equals a positive mind set. I wanted my locker to remind me of my bedroom so that when I stopped by my locker in between classes, it would motivate me to finish the school day.”

Freshman Nicole Pineda’s locker. Photo by Maryann Compton.













Here we see Nicole Pineda ’23 using her locker to store her sweatshirt and shoes. She tells the Royal Reporter, “I leave a sweatshirt in my locker in case I forget one in the morning and it either gets cold in the classroom or outside. I also leave my athletic shoes in my locker for

Freshmen lockers decorated with wrapping paper. Photo by Maryann Compton


For the freshmen that use their lockers, they got the chance to decorate it in their own way. However for the freshmen that do not use their lockers, the sophomore students on ASB surprised them with wrapping paper on their lockers to make them feel welcomed, and hopefully try and get them to use their lockers. Surprisingly even though many of the sophomores, juniors and seniors don’t use their locker, the Royal Reporter found a junior that has used her locker since freshmen year.

Junior Brianna Dreyer says, “My family has a history of back problems, so I use my locker to keep my back from being strained. It also helps me keep track of my things.”

Senior Mauriz Stoddard’s locker with candy. Photo by Maryann Compton











Senior Mauriz Stoddard uses her locker to store snacks. She explains, “I never really used my locker until this year. However I don’t actually use my locker for books or supplies, but to store snacks, in case I forget to pack some in the morning and get hungry. Leaving snacks in there is really convenient for me.”