Running through UCSB


The Rosary XC Team posing for a picture in Santa Barbara. Photo by Grace Fairchild ’21.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

This past weekend, Coach Jennifer Murphy ’02 took thirteen of her top athletes from the Rosary cross country team to race at the UCSB Gaucho Invitational in Santa Barbara, CA. The team drove up Friday afternoon to prep for the race, but they made sure to include some team bonding at dinner. On Saturday morning, the team was up nice and early, ready to give this 5k race their all. While this race was very difficult, many of the runners looked forward to this division 4 race because of the beautiful view of the beach and the perfect weather.

Noelle Bermudez ’21 was the first Rosary Royal to cross the finish line at the UCSB Gaucho Invitational. Noelle personally enjoyed the race because of the wonderful scenery. She said, “The race was really pretty. I loved being able to run by the beach. The second mile was especially challenging, but overall, it was a wonderful experience and I loved every second of it.” Noelle finished with an impressive time of 22 minutes and 27 seconds–three seconds faster than last year’s top runner. Noelle’s favorite part of the trip was the team bonding. “I loved going out to dinner then hanging out by the beach to take pictures. I think we were all able to bond together as a team that way,” she stated. Noelle hopes to improve her time with every race, and she cannot wait for the rest of the season.

Noelle Bermudez ’21 leading the team. Photo by Gabrielle De La Rosa.

Grace Fairchild ’21 has been on cross country for four years, and this is one of her favorite races. “I really enjoyed going to dinner with my team because I was able to bond with all of them,” she stated. As one of the team captains, Grace looks forward to meeting and bonding with new runners every year, and she was able to do this at UCSB. When asked about the race, Grace stated, “It was very challenging, but running by the beach was very enjoyable. I’m proud of my team and the way we finished.” Grace hopes to return to UCSB next year as a senior, and she cannot wait to lead her team through the rest of the season.

Junior Grace Fairchild running her heart out. Photo by Gabrielle De La Rosa.

Like all good things, this exciting cross country outing came to an end. The team concluded their trip at IHOP for a celebratory breakfast.

The cross country team hopes that their upcoming meets are as successful as the UCSB Gaucho Invitational. They still have eight meets left, so make sure to come out and support.