United in Sisterhood, United as a Family

Alicia Ventura, Staff Writer

Mary Marshall ’22 and Daniela Moran ’20 are excited for another year as big and little sisters together. Photo By Alicia Ventura ’21


Anna DiCrisi ’22 and Brianna Campos ’20 became great friends after being big and little sisters for one year. Photo by Alicia Ventura


Kloey Reyes ’20 and Kelsey Hernandez ’22 are ready for another year of getting to know more about each other and bond. Photo By Alicia Ventura

It is the beginning of the school year, and Rosary Royals finally get to be assigned to their big and little sisters as well as to their houses. Usually, big and little sisters get together to participate in activities such as painting pumpkins in October and eating meals (most of the time from Flame Broiler) together during house time. It is different every year and there are endless possibilities for big and little sisters to bond with each other.

This year, on August 26, Rosary students got together in their house classrooms and were able to enjoy some time of wellness to evaluate different aspects of their lives. The Royal Reporter took advantage of the opportunity and interviewed little sisters, big sisters, and even house teachers.

The Royal Reporter began by asking the juniors, as new big sisters for this year, whether they were looking forward to being a big sister and why. Allison Mitts, Noelle Bermudez and Amelia Fiorentino were all looking forward to being big sisters this year in order to share their knowledge as upper class women and be role models to their little sisters. Kristina Enright ’21 also added, “Because of the way that they are doing it, by pairing of interest, I think it is a great opportunity to meet other people in other grade levels.”

Maria Garcia ’21 was especially excited to be a big sister because, “I got a really good big sister when I came to this school and I want to live up to her legacy.” The Royal Reporter asked who her big sister was last year and it was none other than Nicole Garcia ’19, the valedictorian for the class 2019.

The Royal Reporter also interviewed freshman, Brianna Guzman, and asked whether she was looking forward to having a big sister. Brianna made a good point when she answered that she wanted to develop a special bond with her big sister because at the end of the day, having a big sister to guide you through your first two years of high school is supposed to bring you closer.

With little sisters comes great responsibility, so the Royal Reporter took it upon themselves to hear what kind of questions future little sisters had to ask to their big sisters. Taylor Gomez ’23 asked, “What advice do you have for going into freshman year?” and Anika Leon ’23 asked, “Is it awkward going to your first dance?” Just something to ponder future big sisters.

While the freshman and juniors are meeting their new sisters, the sophomores and seniors have yet another year to get to know each other better. The Royal Reporter wanted to evaluate how their big sisters were doing by asking if having a big sister had helped them adjust comfortably into high school. Emily Lopez ’22 made clear that her big sister had in fact helped her adapt into Rosary Academy by showing her around. Much like Maria Garcia, Mary Marshall ’22 also had good things to say about her big sister. She stated, “I got to see how she is and how to adjust…I want to be more like her.” The Royal Reporter asked who her big sister was and Mary proudly answered, “Daniela Moran ’20.”

Finally, as Flex time almost ended, the Royal Reporter got to ask one final question to the teachers of different house classrooms: What is your favorite part about being a house teacher? Señora Kappe, Mr. Chavez, and Mr. Stegink all enjoy watching their students behave in a less formal setting and watching them have fun. Mr. Bevins and Ms. Young, on the other hand, say their favorite part about being a house teacher is the competitions with other classes where they get to see their students spend time and bond with each other.

To this day, big and little sisters have yet to meet and reunite, but there are some high hopes and there is a lot to learn in this coming year as we get together as a big family and unite in sisterhood.