Meet the New Faces of the Faculty


Allison Perea, Staff Writer

This past week you may have walked around the school, seen a new face, and asked yourself, “Who is that?” Well, if it wasn’t a freshman, it was probably one of our new faculty members. 

If you’re hanging out in the LEC, stop by the office in the back to say hello to Mrs. Barr. She went to the University of Colorado Boulder and studied theatre. From there she earned her teaching degree at Cal State Fullerton. She is teaching our learning lab class this year in the LEC. Outside of school, she enjoys camping and hanging out with her kids. When asked what she was excited for this year, she responded, “[T]o experience my first Red and Gold. I heard it’s going to be fun to see it all in action.”

A happy Mrs. Barr. Photo by Mrs. Rienbold

New in the science department is Ms. Cecena. She teaches AP Environmental Science and Biology. She studied Chemistry and Biology at Cal State Fullerton. We are so thrilled to welcome her into the science department. She is looking forward to doing experiments with her students and to Red and Gold.  Her passion and dedication are sure to make science classes this year amazing.

Ms. Cecena smiling. Photo by Mrs. Rienbold

In the performing arts room this year, Servite alum Mr. Rodriguez is excited to bring a fresh perspective to Rosary’s fine arts department. He has two masters degrees from USC: one in guitar performance and another in music education. Fun fact: Mr. Rodriguez dabbles in magic. Next time you see him on campus ask him to show you one of his amazing magic tricks.

A happy Mr. Rodriguez. Photo by Mrs. Rienbold

Say hello to Ms. Castenada next time you see her in the halls, who is new to our Kinesiology Department. She has taught at Rosary for a few stretches over the last twenty years and is excited to be back here, sporting her vintage Rosary swag and hoping to lead the softball team to victory. We’re excited about all of the new things we are going to learn about in her classes. 

Meet Mrs. Castaneda. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Our next new faculty member is long-term English sub Dr. Langdon, who is filling in for Mrs. Barclay this semester while she is out on maternity leave. He will be teaching English I, AP Language, and Journalism. A Fullerton native, Dr. Langdon has taught most recently at UC Irvine, where he earned his PhD in English. He and his wife are busy raising two kids, 4- and 6-years old, but he does stay active playing basketball and commuting to Rosary on what he calls his “ridiculous scooter.”

Dr. Langdon smiling. Photo by Mrs. Rienbold.

New to the Rosary faculty, but not to the campus is Mr. Wilson. This year he is excited to be teaching English II, World History, and U.S History. Outside of school, he enjoys traveling and has plans to go to Singapore and Hong Kong this year. When asked what he’s excited about for this year he said, “I am excited to see the growth and progress of each and every one of my students and letting them all see that they are capable of success… Oh, and the new Food Service obviously.” 

Say hello to Mr. Wilson. Photo by Mrs. Rienbold.

We have amazing new faculty members here on campus. Be sure to introduce yourself and say hello when you see them around campus.