Welcome, Class of 2023


Freshmen at Freshmen Orientation. Picture from Rosary Academy's instagram page.

Isabel Alderete, Staff Writer

You know them, you’ve heard of them. VSCO girls are taking over the internet one high school grade at a time. The first target: the freshmen classes of 2023. You will probably catch a freshman VSCO girl with a scrunchie on her wrist, a puka shell necklace around her neck, and a hydro flask in hand. Because of this internet stereotype, the Royal Reporter went ahead and interviewed members of the freshmen class.

Out of the 11 freshmen interviewed, only 6 were proud owners of hydro flasks, and 2 were proud owners of metal straws. While all the freshmen may not be VSCO girls, they are all officially students at the Academy. These last 1.5 weeks have been very nerve-wracking and exciting for the freshmen, and this is what they had to say.

Emma Vasquez ’23 has enjoyed every moment at Rosary so far, but her favorite moment was the dance-off at lunch on the first day of school. She states,”I realized that no other high school shares the special bonds like the girls at Rosary. I am very excited for the rest of my time at Rosary.” Because of Emma’s older sisters, Emma is very familiar with Rosary. So of course, she is extremely excited for the Rosary traditions. She said, “I am excited for Red and Gold because I will get the opportunity to meet other girls from different grades and bond with them.”

Emma Vasquez ’23 on the first day of school. Photo by Gaby Vasquez.

Unlike the average freshman, Kimi Wantanabe ’23  was eager to start high school. She stated, “Before school started, I was really excited because I’ll be in a new environment and I’ll get to meet new people.” When asked, Kimi told the Royal Reporter, “My favorite memory at Rosary so far is the Freshmen Picnic because I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, and I was able to get closer to my friends.” Kimi is also ecstatic to participate in Red and Gold; she hopes to be on drill.

Freshmen Kimi Wantanabe and Adriana Arroyo on the first day of school. Photo by Julianna Ortiz.
Emma Vasquez ’23 and Trista Verne ’23 at posing with their hydroflasks. Photo by Gaby Vasquez.

Like Emma and Kimi, many of the freshmen are looking forward to the rest of their time at Rosary Academy. Everyone at Rosary cannot wait to see what these freshmen will accomplish.