Today’s Forecast: Sunny With a Chance of Seniors!

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Today’s Forecast: Sunny With a Chance of Seniors!

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

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The Senior Seals couldn’t be happier to be back in school. The Class of 2020 is overflowing with excitement for the eventful year that awaits them. It’s finally Senior Season.

Senior Seal Riley Hawkins snapping a selfie with a seal from the senior wall. Photo by Riley Hawkins ’20.

This year entails many exciting milestones for our beloved senior class. Megan Kendall ’20 can’t wait for senior relaxed dress, “I live in leggings. I’m so excited about our amazing senior privileges.” You can spot Megan in the Senior Quad by looking for the biggest smile. She can’t conceal her excitement no matter how hard she tries.

Senior Megan Kendall smiling because of her college sweatshirt. Photo by Riley Hawkins ’20.

Other seals are excited for the dances. For example, senior Laurie Younes can’t wait for her second prom: “Prom was so fun last year, and I know it’s going to be even better this year.” She relayed how she and her friends love not only the fun the dance promises, but the getting-ready process that prefaces it.

When asked about graduation, senior Melanie Beltran shared, “I’m really excited for the next chapter of my life, but I’m going to miss Rosary and all the amazing friends I made here.” It’s going to be a bittersweet year for our Seals.

Melanie Beltran ’20 pictured with Angela Magallon ’20 picture giving a thumbs up to senior year. Photo by Riley Hawkins ’20.

But senior year is not all fun and games. It’s college o’clock. Sophia Degrassi ’20 elaborated on the application process: “I think everyone is a little stressed. I know I am. But once everything is sent in I know all our hard work will pay off.” The college buzz is spreading all throughout the senior class.

Overall, the seniors are very excited for the rest of the year. With dances, APs, senior privileges, Red and Gold, graduation, and college, their schedules are jam-packed. With the help of a little coffee- actually a lot of coffee- the seals are in for a great year.