The Royals Return


SENIORS photo by Bernadette Hattouni

Kate Noden, Editor-in-Chief

On August 12, 2019, the walls of Rosary Academy were flooded once again with messy buns, plaid skirts, and hundreds of hydroflasks. From familiar faces to new ones, everyone was eager to start the year. 

Royals on the First Day Photo provided by Rosary Academy Instagram

The new freshmen made their way through campus, exploring and learning where to go. Nerves were within everyone as freshman Emma Oskorus shakily stated, “The first day of school is very intimidating and scary. Yet as soon as I got in, I felt comfortable and started to make more friends. It was nice that I could easily find my classes, and I even got the majority of them with my best friends.”

Freshmen Best Friends Photo by Tiffany Beaurlein

The seniors, on the other hand, started off their morning with a dance party in the parking lot, welcoming all grade levels. Senior Class President Bernadette Hattouni stated, “The first day of school can be intimidating for any age. That’s why we wanted to just have fun and dance, this calmed everyone’s nerves and got us ready for the day of classes ahead.”

Group of Sophomores Smiling at Lunch Photo by Maryann Compton

Even the teachers on campus can barely hold back their excitement. The one and only English teaching Mr Stegink stated, “I’m excited to be back, even though summer is over. I love working here and am eager to see what this year holds.” 

Mr Stegink Super Pumped For the Year Photo by Kate Noden

Everyone is excited the academy halls are buzzing once again and can’t wait to see what this new school year brings. Within all the homework, tests, and excitement, don’t forget to be yourself and have a great year.