Summer Adventures


Serena Park '21 poses with her new friends at Camp Conifer. Photo provided by Serena Park

Isabella Tejeda, Staff Writer

Summer is a time for relaxation, opportunity, and fun. Royals from all grade levels took this vacation as a chance to explore, work, and rejuvenate. Let’s see what our Royals did this summer:

Tatum Larson ’23 spent her summer with friends and family. Not only did she spend quality time with her aunt, uncle, and new baby cousin, but she also took a trip to Chicago to visit family. She stated, “I had so much fun this summer because not only did I get to see my new baby cousin, but I also got to swim in a lake and learn how to kayak.”

Tatum Larson ’23, second from right, smiles with the rest of her family. Photo provided by Tatum Larson.

Sophomore Jojo Watson ‘22 spent her summer performing in the musical, Hello Dolly. She had so much fun performing with her cousins and hopes to join the next production. Jojo also told Royal Reporter, “This summer, I traveled to New York and visited with my family. I had so much fun sightseeing and swimming.”

Jojo Watson ’22 shares her talent in the musical, Hello Dolly. Photo provided by Jojo Watson.

Serena Park ’21 not only spent her summer having fun, but she also participated in many leadership events. Over the summer, she visited Hawaii with family, spent time volunteering for a camp for kids, and attended a leadership event for entering juniors. One of Serena’s favorite parts of summer was attending her local Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership seminar at Chapman university: “HOBY is an annual three-day seminar for incoming juniors where students represent their schools to grow and build their leadership skills. It was an amazing experience that really benefited my leadership skills, and I also made a ton of lifelong friends.”

Serena Park ’21, seen in middle, poses with Isabella Tejeda ’20 and alumna Salma Rocha at HOBY. Photo by Jakob Decano

Last, but not least, Bernadette Hattouni ‘20 spent her summer interning for a law firm. During this internship, she worked with an attorney at a corporation to get exposure to labor and employment law. Bernadette explained, “I wanted to see if this was a branch of law i’d be interested in because I want to be a lawyer. My favorite part was attending a mediation because we got to go off campus to a law firm and I saw first hand how lawyers settle cases by avoiding trial. It helped me gain more knowledge on the hard work and meticulousness required to be a lawyer.”

Bernadette Hattouni ’20, far right second row from the back, stands with the rest of the interns. Photo provided by Bernadette Hattouni.

Keep up the good work, Royals.