Lunches Fit for Royals


Lisa Liu '23 and Angel Shen '23 posing with their lunches from Bevaris. Photo by Maryann Compton

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

As the 2019-2020 school year begins for Rosary, students are exploring new food options from our new lunch providers, Bevaris. Bevaris has been serving lunches at schools since 1977, and strives to make sure all their lunches are healthy. Their menu is based around different nutrients including iron, protein and calcium to ensure meals are balanced for students. From breakfast to lunch and even snacks, Bevaris sells a variety of food choices, so you never have the same meal two days in a row.

The Royal Reporter went around and asked students their opinion on our new lunch providers.

Sophomores enjoying fries and chicken tenders from Bevaris. Photo by Maryann Compton

Freshman Sarah Bradford expressed, “As a freshman, this is my first year with the new lunch service, so I have nothing to compare it too, but overall the lunches have tasted amazing, and I love the variety of foods, as well as drinks. They seem to have new choices everyday, which is good because I love to try new foods.”

Sophomore Brennan Kennedy explained, “Last year, the lunches that were provided were mediocre. However, this year the new lunch service is a blessing. Bevaris has blessed us with healthy options, and much better snacks and drinks, for a good price. In addition, being able to pay with our IDs really makes it easy for everyone.”

Junior Sofia Thomas responded, “The food company is very yummy and healthy. The only problem is the line. Because they got rid of our microwaves, everyone is buying lunches from Bevaris, and so the line is always packed. It could also be because of how amazing their food is, but I wish the line could go a little faster.”

Senior Camille Aquino shared, “I have been at Rosary since freshman year, and since then, I always brought my own lunch, but this year, because I’ve heard many great things about the new lunch providers, I decided to try out a breakfast burrito, and in comparison to the previous years, Bevaris’ burritos tasted so much more fresh.”

Bevaris’ food options. Photo by Maryann Compton

Many students have raved on about how wonderful the new lunches are, and so far the Royal Reporter has not heard any negative feedback on Bevaris. If you haven’t already, go ahead and try Bevaris’ lunches, because they do not disappoint. Also if you didn’t know, for easier access, you can pay with your student ID, as long as your parents have set up an account for you and added funds. In addition to that, on Rosary’s website, you can find a weekly menu, as well as their entire menu and prices.

You can find the link to set up an account here: