Student’s Summer Adventures



Fenway Park at night. Photo by Flickr

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

 As the school year wraps up, students are more than ready for their summer vacations. From going to the beach everyday to spending evenings watching beautiful sunsets, many students are gearing up to have terrific summers.

Sofia Pasino ‘22 and her family are traveling to Boston and Philadelphia. Their main reason for visit is to watch the Dodgers play the Red Soxs. The Red Sox’s home stadium is Fenway Park, which is filled with varieties of foods. Sofia expresses, “I am very excited for this trip because I love watching baseball games, and the excitement that comes with it. The Dodgers and the Red Soxs are both equally good teams, and I’m excited and nervous for their games. I hope the Dodgers win, but even if they don’t, at least the experience will be memorable.”

Waikiki, Hawaii from the air. Photo by Flickr

Caylee Santos ‘20 and her family are taking a special trip to Waikiki, Hawaii. Waikiki is known for their popular surf beach. Their pretty sunsets take breaths away, and their warm sand makes people want to stay forever. A popular landmark that people like to visit include the St. Augustine Church. However, Caylee mentions that their primary goal is just to relax at the beach and enjoy the scenery. Caylee tells the Royal Reporter, “I am especially excited for this trip because this is my first time going to Hawaii. I’ve heard so many interesting stories about Waikiki and am excited to experience that for myself.”

Gianna Arenas ‘21 and her family are planning on going to La Paz in Baja California. La Paz is the capital of Baja California Sur and is known for their seafront promenade with beaches, and art by Mexican and international artists. Gianna expresses, “I am excited to be back in Mexico. The sky is always so pretty and I love being in a different area.” However Gianna mentions that this trip is not the only exciting part of her summer. Gianna mentions that she will be attending a Shawn Mendes concert.

Juliana Poggi ‘20 and her family are traveling to the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is known for their beaches, resorts and golfing. Juliana expresses, “I am most excited for the beautiful views. I’ve seen pictures online, but i’m excited to see them in person. I’ve been to many beaches all around the world, but never to the Dominican Republic.”

Dominican Republic. Photo by Pixabay

Kalee Bartholomew ‘21 tells the Royal Reporter about her trip to Florida. She tells us, “My family and I are going to Florida for a week. During this week, we plan on going to Universal Studios and Disney World. I am excited for Universal Studios and Disney World because they are different from the ones we have in California. This isn’t my first time in Florida, but the last time I was there, I was really young. So I’m excited to make more memories with my family and travel.”

While many of our students are traveling out of state, or even out of the country, many students are staying at home, and spending time either at the beach or with friends. If you’re going somewhere fun, leave a comment!