Prom 2019

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Prom 2019

Grace Battaglia and Kate Noden

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Prom 2019 was one to remember. The Royals dressed to impress at the final dance of the 2018-2019 school year.

Here are some of our gorgeous Rosary Royals all dressed up for Prom.

Junior Mya Hernandez looking stunning in her shimmering dress. Photo by Lauren Riviere

Even a freshman joined the prom festivities. Katie Thomas went to prom with a junior from Servite. Photo by Dan Thomas

Maria Braatz, Paige Hesseltine, and Camille Aquino cheesin’ at Prom pictures. Photo by Natalie Tinkler

An excited group of seniors smiling for their last prom. Photo by Chris Morikawa

Your favorite juniors Daniela Moran, Kate Noden, and Grace Battaglia looking drop dead gorgeous. Photo by Daniela Moran

Junior Grace Battaglia GLOWING with her boyfriend of one month and two weeks. Photo by Kate Noden

A group of drop-dead juniors, Daniela Moran and Mary Evans with there boyfriends. Photo by Kate Noden

Leslie Gomez ’20 with her boyfriend and his snazzy red loafers. Photo by Sofia Sigenfuse

Junior Julia Oskorus and her date at Hillcrest Park. Photo by Marc Schavone

A group of seniors representing their vibrant colored dresses. Photo by Cade Rosencranz

Riley Hawkins ’20 with her date who did an impressive backflip at Prom. Photo by Sophia Lambros

Mia Huffman looking stunning with her date. Photo by Ester Yang

The Junior Prom princess Ester Yang and her bff Savanah Alvarado. Photo by Meghan Gomez

Kate Marshall ’19 and her date color coordinated to perfection. Photo by Nikelle Walker

A group of seniors looking beautiful at the beach. Photo by Kate Marshall

More seniors having a great time at their pre-prom festivities. Photo by Chris Flores

Iris Kang ’19 looking gorgeous in her baby pink dress. Photo by Kate Marshall

Our Royals all looked absolutely incredible at Prom this year. Congrats to Sofia Velasquez ’19 for winning Prom Queen. All of the Rosary students who attended had so much fun at this masquerade themed dance held at the Cypress Navy Golf Course.



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