That’s a Wrap


That’s a wrap folks! Photo by Kat Davis

Kat Davis and Isabella Tejeda

Royals are days away from their summer vacation after a long and eventful year. Here are some flashbacks to some of the most fun and exciting events that happened this 2018-2019 school year.

Freshman WOW:

Freshmen enjoy an ice breaker game during Freshmen WOW. Photo provided by yearbook

Incoming Royals came together to join in on activities such as rock wall climbing, becoming familiar with Rosary’s campus, meeting new friends, and sleeping over in Rosary’s Karcher Center. It was a great welcome party for those new to high school. Brianna Dryer ‘22 said, “I had a great time meeting all of my fellow sisters and participating in all the fun games and activities they had for us.”

Welcome Back Dance:

This was the first dance of the year and was a warm welcome to all of Tri-school. Students dressed up according to the fun themes, took fun photos in the photo booth, and danced the night away with friends. Mr. Deleon, one of Rosary’s science teachers  who chaperoned the dance, said, “It’s always nice to see the students come together in a relaxed environment before they begin their hard work for the year.”


The first semi-formal dance of the year. Open to all of Tri-School, students came together on Servite’s campus, either with a date or with friends. With a Hollywood red carpet theme, the students were welcomed with a red carpet entrance, movie character statues, and poker tables for entertainment. Joy Joukhader ’19 said, “I thought Homecoming was hands down the best dance out of my four years. Whether someone was outside gambling or dancing the whole night, everyone was having a great time.”

Freshmen pose for beautiful homecoming pictures in front of a fountain. Photo provided by yearbook

Rosary Day:

Rosary Day was the official ceremony signifying the juniors becoming upper-class women. After celebrating a beautiful mass, listening to the Rosary Day Choir, and finally receiving their class rings, all Royals got to spend the day at Disneyland with their fellow sisters. Mauriz Corrales ‘20 said, “I had been waiting for that day since freshman year, and it was better than I could have ever imagined it. The beautiful decorations and music made the whole day so special and memorable.”

Father-Daughter Dance:

This dance was a night to remember for sure. Royals and their dads danced their hearts out and enjoying each other’s company. It was a nice break for both the dads and daughters, and a great chance to spend some quality time together. The highlight of the night for everyone is always the dance off where each pair of dads and daughters dance their hardest to become the winner. This year’s winner was Riley Hawkins ’20 and her dad. Riley said, “I have been to the father-daughter dance every year now, and it is always such a blast. I love spending quality time with my dad and showing off our awesome moves.”

Clash of the Classes:

With the spirit stick as the prize, Royals go all out for Clash of the Classes. Each class is asked to create a miniature Red and Gold show to present to the school at the end of spirit week. Each class gave it their all and left many breathless after their performances. Although it was a close competition, the senior class came on top with iconic dance moves from famous movies. The senior class jumped and ran in joyous screams towards the spirit stick when they were announced as the winners.

Sports Rallies:

Athletics is a big piece in many Royals’ schedules. So, to honor all who play sports, Rosary puts together three sports rallies for each season. The Fall rally honors golf, tennis, volleyball, and cross country; Winter is for water polo, basketball, soccer, and dance; and Spring is for lacrosse, softball, swim, and track and field. These rallies consist of videos made by each team to introduce themselves, as well as plenty of fun games and activities to keep the energy up. Maryann Compton ’20 said, “It is always a fun time when we get to yell and cheer for your friends. I like the class pom-poms we get to shake around too.”

Winter Formal:

Instead of being held at Knott’s Berry Farm like it has been in the past, Winter Formal was held at the Richard Nixon Library. The students were welcomed with games and plenty of treats such as water, lemonade, chocolate covered fruits, and servers walking around offering donut bites. Many students said they enjoyed the change such as Chayse Gomez ’19 who said, “Although Knott’s was fun, I enjoyed the ballroom feel of Winter Formal. It made the whole event feel special and I had so much fun.”

Red and Gold:

This was the highlight to many of the girls’ year, especially for those on the winning Red team. Working off the theme “Between The Lines,” Red and Gold captains worked long and hard on both teams to come up with an amazing show. Both teams did amazing this year with Gold producers Caitlyn Shank ’19 and Riley Hawkins ’20, and Red producers Lauren Mike ’19 and Bryn Boznanski ‘20 taking the lead. Bryn commented, “Being a co-producer really helped me understand all the work that goes into Red and Gold. It was such an amazing experience and it taught me so many different skills I can use out in the real world.”

Gold team shines as they go crazy for their finale at Red and Gold. Photo by yearbook


This is the dance many high schoolers cannot wait for. Prom, only open to upperclasswomen, was held at the Navy Golf Course in Cypress this year. Students were welcome to take pictures with their date or friends, eat an assortment of desserts including macaroons and chocolate covered fruits, and dance to the beat on the dance floor. Lauren Mike ‘19 said, “Prom was my favorite dance this year because my core group of friends helped me not worry so much about what people think and the vicinity was gorgeous this year.”

The last Rosary event to wrap up this year will be the seniors’ graduation. There, we will wish them farewell and good luck on their journey ahead, but this year was still filled with a lot of joyous memories that will be remembered for a lifetime. Now that’s a wrap.