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Senior Superlatives

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Senior Superlatives

A lovely group of seniors, ready for college. Photo by Maya Gutierrez

A lovely group of seniors, ready for college. Photo by Maya Gutierrez

A lovely group of seniors, ready for college. Photo by Maya Gutierrez

A lovely group of seniors, ready for college. Photo by Maya Gutierrez

Marissa Pennino and Kiren Grewal

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Ahhh, senior year. As freshmen, one thing we look forward to is the be-all, end-all senior superlatives. As we near the end of the school year, we want to reminisce about the standout qualities of our quirky bunch. Let’s look at some of the special traits of our Class of 2019…


The beautiful locks of Maya Gonzalez. Photo by Caitlyn Shank

Most Likely to Be on “The Voice”: Alyzza Munoz

Most Fashion-Forward: Claire Nicodemus

Biggest Personality: Sophia Mura

Best Hair: Maya Gonzalez

Most Athletic: Savannah Felix

Most Friendly: Naomi Dodd

Most Likely to Open a Boba Shop: Ella Shi

Most Likely to Become a Navy Seal: Laney Fernandez

Most Passionate about Red and Gold: Giovanna Pinel

Most Likely to Become an Olympic Softball Player: Lanie Adamsen

Most Musical: Maddy Nguyen

Most Likely To Become President: Alexandra Samawi

Most Likely to Be in Mexico When She’s Not at School: Ava Cunningham 

Prettiest Eyes: Hannah Laughlin

Most Likely to Direct a Movie: Kaleigh Dreyer

Most Likely to Become an Olympic Figure Skater: Tori Reyes

Most Likely to Become a Famous Author: Sofia Benavides

Most Likely to Be Your Dentist: Laura Garcia

Most Outspoken: Sophia Mall

Biggest Sweetheart: Angela Baltazar

Most Likely to Become a Female Tiger Woods: Chayse Gomez

Most Likely to Be Wearing a Scrunchie: Iris Kang

Most Likely to Be Wearing Airpods: Erica Barton

A picture of Caitlyn Shank at school. Photo by Marissa Pennino

Worst (best?) Case of Senioritis: Caitlyn Shank

Most Likely to Make a Funny Comment Under Her Breath: Victoria Cendejas

Most Likely to Win an Argument: Hayley Heil

Most Sarcastic (in a good way): Taylor De La Rosa and Jazelle Viszneki

Most Likely to Become the Next Elon Musk: Melissa Wisnieski

Most Likely to Become a Lawyer Without Going to Law School: Caitlin McClure

Most Likely to Give You a Hug: Lauren Mike

Most Likely to Run Out of Space to Pierce Her Ears: Jaelynn Perez

Most Likely to become a Hacker for the CIA: Holly Middleton

Best Manicures: Bianca Cortese

Most Likely to Become an App Developer: Nicky Angle

Most Likely to Work at RAD: Lily Grudichak

Most Likely to Facetime You to Help You with Homework: Claudia Mancha

Most Likely to Solve A Murder: Sara Labreche

Best Baker: Bella Rivera

Most Likely to Translate a Rock Concert into ASL: Haley Robinson 

Most Chill: Isabella M. Lopez

Biggest Glo-up: Sofia Oseguera

Most Organized: Maya Gutierrez

Best Dressed: Christel Alino

Most Patriotic: Abby Carpenter

Most Inseparable: Kate Marshall and Nikelle Walker

The contagious smile of our queen, Lauren Vasquez. Photo by Lauren Vasquez

Best Smile: Lauren Vasquez

The Healthiest Eater: Marisa Lopez

Best Snacks: Rachel Linton

Most Lively Conversations: Liza Dame

Most Likely to Work at Rosary: Julia Lewis

Best Laugh: Kiren Grewal

Most Studious: Marissa Pennino

Most Likely to Keep Running After the Marathon Ends: Emma Hoferer

Most Likely to Be on Broadway: Allyson San Roman

Most Likely to Lead a Protest: Monste Ortega

Most Fitting Name: Gabby Savage

Most Likely to Buy a Yacht: Sofia Velazquez

Best Hairstyles: Jill Sarni

Most Likely to Help You Out: Nyah Ramirez

The Queen of Volunteering: Nicole Garcia

Nicole Garcia hard at work. Photo by Nicole Garcia

Funniest Stories: Bella Davies

Best Makeup: Delailah De La Hoya

Class Mom: Juliana Esquivel

Most Likely to Debut Her Clothes at New York Fashion Week: Allison Armanino

Best Pet (shoutout to Arlo): Sophia McGuire

Most Likely to Bring World Peace: Joy Joukhadar

Most Likely to Take Over the World: Rebekah Barnabas

Most Likely to Have the Perfect Meme: Marga Diaz

Most Likely to Start a Fashion Line: Sophia Daniels

Most Likely to Become a Millionaire: Sue Kim

Best Instagram Stories: Brooke Neal

Most Likely to Replace Coach Yoon: Evelyn Schmidt

Miss Fine Arts: Anielka Ruiz

Most Likely to Be Your Hype-woman: Natalie Ruiz

Most Witty: Tara White

Most Likely to Thrive in the South: Zoe Sanford

Most Likely to Say Hi to You in the Hallway: Sam Zuniga

Most Likely to Catch a Criminal: Kylie Villanueva

Most Likely to Become a Band Manager: Hayle Walters

Most Aesthetic Instagram Feed: Taylor Roberts

Most Likely to Laugh at Your Joke: Isabella T. Lopez


Well, we did it. Good luck to the Class of 2019 in all future endeavors–we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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Marissa Pennino is a senior at the Academy. She is thrilled to be a part of the 2018-2019 Royal Reporter. When she isn't consuming vegan or gluten free...

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