Senior Advice

Senior Advice photo credited to google

Senior Advice photo credited to google

Caitlin McClure and Sue Kim

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Seniors Sue Kim and Caitlin McClure giving advice. Photo by Rebekah Barnabas

We seniors have had four years of experience at Rosary Academy and we want to answer all the questions our underclasswomen have before we take off.


Julia Herman: “When and how should I start looking into colleges?”

RR: Honestly, you do not need to start looking into it yet, because there is nothing to really do now and stressing out about it now is pointless. Enjoy your coming sophomore year!

Iliana Macias: “Does high school get any easier? What should I expect for sophomore year?”

RR: High school progressively becomes more stressful, but you will learn to handle it better. Over the years, each year is difficult, but in a different aspect. Sophomore year is kind of the forgotten year, so do not worry if your grades are not as good as you hope it could be. Junior year is stressful, but normally your social life will improve, because you can start to drive and have more freedom. Senior year is a mix of emotions: you are simultaneously stressed but excited for your future. Overall, as long as your grades show improvement over the years, it will appeal to colleges. 


Madison Mojika Ye: “Is sophomore year to junior year a hard transition? Did you enjoy Rosary Day?

RR: In junior year, you have more options to take what you want and depending on the classes you choose, it can be as easy  or as hared as you want. What is stressful about junior year is that you start thinking about college more than sophomore year. Rosary Day is as fun as you make it. What is fun is when you go out with friends after, but the actual ceremony tends to be HOT.

Claire Early: “What is the most lucrative club at Rosary?”

RR: Make-a-wish club or Key club, any club affiliated with an organization outside of Rosary tends to do the most. 


Rory Brandon: “How do you prepare for the SAT and ACT?”

RR: You take a million practice tests. We started the end of sophomore year and I personally went to SAT prep class in the summer daily and winter. The only real way to improve is to take many practice tests in a testing environment. It is really important to go over the ones that you got wrong and then make a notebook with all of those with corrections next to them. 

Vanesa Farooq: “How did you know which colleges to apply to?”

RR: You look at the ones in your range. When looking, keep in mind location and tuition. Have a talk with your parents so you can narrow down the list of colleges that you both agree on, this will help limit the amount of essays you will have to write. Based on the schools you applied to early, you can understand the range of schools you should apply to for regular decision. Also, you can use the US News website, College Confidential, and Niche to narrow down what colleges you like. 

We hope we have answered all your questions, and we wish you good luck in your next year at Rosary!

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