The Class of 2019 Looks Back

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The Class of 2019 Looks Back

Kate and her friends closer then ever at Karois. Photo by Kate Marshall

Kate and her friends closer then ever at Karois. Photo by Kate Marshall

Kate and her friends closer then ever at Karois. Photo by Kate Marshall

Kate and her friends closer then ever at Karois. Photo by Kate Marshall

Evelyn Zhao and Theresa Ceman

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Every high school experience is filled with many wonderful memories. Here at Rosary, many of our seniors feel beyond blessed to be able to cherish their memories, as they go on through life. From meeting each other on the first day to dancing at their last prom, seniors create a story they will never forget. Here’s a group of seniors who shared some of their favorite memories at Rosary.

First, we interviewed Caitlyn Shank’19.

Caitlyn and her friends during soccer season. Photo by Caitlyn Shank

RR: What is your favorite high school memory or something you will miss the most?

Caitlyn:I think the thing I will miss the most is how personal Rosary is as a whole. Everyone knows everyone and it’s almost impossible not to be yourself, even around your teachers. It’s seriously something that is going to make next year extremely different and probably a little bit difficult to get used to.

Another senior Sam Zuniga’19 says: ” My favorite memory is the 2019 Florida trip for UDA national with dance team. We won 4th overall in jazz division and 8th overall in pom division. During this trip, I got to spend so much time and bond will all my friends and dance team.”

Sam and the dance team at UDA nationals. Photo by Sam Zuniga

Claire Nicodemus’19 told us that some of her favorite memory’s were when she would get ready with all her friends before dances and football games. “We always laughed so much while dancing and singing and doing our make up,” said Claire.

Then we interviewed Kate Marshall’19, and Joy Joukhadar ’19

RR:What is your favorite memory at Rosary?

Kate Marshall ’19: I absolutely loved Kairos. It’s amazing because although you know everyone in your class, being able to open up and trust new girls outside of the ones you talk to on a daily basis really builds that true bond within the class. It’s going to be hard to see pictures next year and not be there, but I wouldn’t trade my experience this year for the world!”

Joy Joukhadar ’19: One of my favorite memories was our intense discussions in Bevins’ class. One specific argument that sticks out is when we argued if we really have free will or not. It was really awesome seeing every in class so engaged, so passionate about their opinions, and debating so eloquently yet determined to get their point across.”

As our seniors go on, we hope they make many more amazing, wonderful memories in college.

Claire and her friends getting ready for a football game. Photo by Claire Nicodemus.


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