Friends Since Freshman Year


Grace Battaglia and Kate Noden

The true friends you make in high school might just be the friends you will have for the rest of your life. Two senior Royals have shown a genuine friendship since they met freshman year at Rosary.

Kate Marshall ’19 and Nikelle Walker ’19 have stayed by each other’s side through their four years together at Rosary. They have made many fun memories to share as well as experience the hardships of high school by one another’s side.

Their first Winter Formal together was one that they will never forget. Kate Marshall shared, “Our first Winter Formal was so exciting. I remember how nervous Nikelle and I were. We spent a whole afternoon dress shopping together which turned into such a fun afternoon. We were stressed because we couldn’t find cute dresses. But after three hours at the mall, we finally found the perfect dresses. I will never forget that day and the fun night we had at Winter Formal.”

Kate and Nikelle before their first Winter Formal. Photo by Ann Marshall

They have spent every summer since Freshman year making even more memories. They’ve spent their summers shopping, going to the beach, taking trips to the desert, and even seeing concerts. Nikelle said, “One of my favorite summer memories with Kate was going to the concerts in the park. We would pack our bags with snacks and blankets and spend the night eating and listening to feel good music.”

Best Friends spending a summer night at a concert in the park. Photo by Mary Marshall
Kate and Nikelle spending time in the desert. Photo by Bailey Maus

The two also love to binge watch Netflix together. Whenever they were bored, they would spend the day together watching their favorite show, “The Office.” In fact, they loved this show so much they decided to use it as inspiration for their Halloween costume. Kate stated, “We love watching the office so much. We came up with the idea to dress us as Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott from our favorite episode. We loved our costume because it represented us so well.”

Nikelle and Kate dressing up as characters from The Office. Photo by Cade Rosencranz

Friendships like these are hard to find. Lucky for Nikelle and Kate, they have a bond that will carry them beyond college.

Wishing these royal best friends the best of luck in the next chapter of their lives.