Senior Relationships


Sophia and Ben together for college pictures. Photo provided by Sophia McGuire.

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

For the last weeks of May, the Royal Reporter focuses on Seniors and their lives.  Seniors graduate on May 24th, and then their real journey begins. Two special seniors looked back on their time together and remembered the good days and the good days that are yet to come. Sophia McGuire ’19 and Servite Senior Ben Teske look back on their memories of freshman year through their senior year. Sophia and Ben have been together since freshman year, and have made some incredible memories together.

The Royal Reporter asked them some questions about their time together.

RR: Where was your first date?

Sophia & Ben: Our first date was at Orange Hill Resturant where we ate outside and got to watch the sunset. It was a really nice dinner and we had an amazing time getting to know each other.

Sophia and Ben at the beach. Photo provided by Sophia McGuire.

RR: What is your favorite memory together?

Sophia: My favorite memory with Ben was going to the Aquarium of the Pacific for my birthday and taking a behind the scenes tour to feed the fish.

Ben: My favorite memory together were our trips to the beach. We both love the beach because its a cool place to hang out together and watch the sunset.

RR: Many freshman relationships don’t last this long, how do you think you made your relationship work?

Sophia & Ben: I think trust and communication play a big part in how we’ve kept our relationship working throughout high school. We live 45 minutes away from each other and don’t get to see each other every day, so being able to talk often, be it over the phone or via text, definitely helps us feel close

Ben and Sophia together for a dance. Photo provided by Sophia McGuire.

even when we don’t get to hang out in person. Whenever we get into a fight, we make sure to get it resolved as soon as possible so we’re on the same page.

RR: How do you plan on staying in touch during college?

Sophia: In the fall, I will be attending Regis University in Denver, Colorado and Ben will be in Wisconsin so we’ll be about 14 hours apart by car. We’ve definitely thought hard and long about this and decided to make little traditions together like watching a movie together and then texting each other reactions as if we were watching it together.

Ben: It’s going to be tough, being so far away, but we’re gonna visit each other as much as we can, and FaceTime every night, because as much as we love each other, I know we’ll try our best to make it work.

Relationships are about commitment and communication, both of which Sophia and Ben exhibit. The Royal Reporter wishes both of them the best in college, and to make the most memories they can together.