Dancing through the Last Few Weeks of School


Seniors Juliana Esquivel, Lanie Adamsen, Sophia Mall, and Sarah Labreche recreate vines on their shirts for their last Morp. Photo by Mrs. Adamsen

Kat Davis and Isabella Tejeda

The 2018-2019 school year is finally coming to an end. With only a few weeks left and finals around the corner, Tri-school students gathered at Servite for the last casual dance of the year, Morp.  Students were encouraged to come with their friends and have a good time with the rocking DJ, a photo booth, free drinks, and dollar pizza.

As this year’s Morp didn’t have a theme as it has in the past, students had the freedom to dress up in creative ways. Some went neon, some went intergalactic, and some went camo. But, the sight of the night was a group of 10 Rosary seniors who wore metallic colored bob wigs. Lauren Mike 19′, a participant in this wigged out group, shared, ” I had a really great time this year. I didn’t feel like I was going to be judged like how I felt as a freshman. I was with my core group of friends too so that made everything more comfortable and fun.”

Seniors Hayley Heil, Caitlyn Shank, Bianca Cortese, Hannah Laughlin, Samantha Zuniga, Maya Gonzales, Bella Davies, Claudia Mancha, Gabby Savage, and Lauren Mike rock their last Morp together in eye catching wigs. Photo by Ava Cunningham

Although the seniors made quite an appearance at the dance, underclasswomen took the majority of participants. For many of the freshmen, this was another great event to meet other Tri-School students and celebrate the end of their first year of high school. Rosary freshman Brennan Kennedy said, “Morp was really fun. I danced a lot with my friends and took some pictures in the photo booth. It was definitely a fun ending to this year.”

Juniors Isabella Tejeda, Vanesa Farooq, and Kat Davis take fun pictures in the photo booth at Morp. Photo by Isabella Tejeda

In the end, the last casual dance of the year was a success. Not only was the music fun and easy to dance to, but everyone had the time of their life.