A Royal Guide to Prom


A group of Royals ready for prom. Photo by Christian Oviedo

Grace Battaglia and Kate Noden

‘Trying to conquer Prom can be an extremely tiring task.

What do I do before the dance? What if I can’t spend any more money to get my nails done? What do I talk about with my date if things get… awkward?

These are just a few questions that many Royals muster up before the big day. But once again, the trusty Royal Reporter is here to give you the ultimate guide to having the best prom ever. 

Q: What if I don’t have time/money to get my nails done? Do I really need to get them done?

A: No need to spend $45  on that boring, dull manicure. For only $6 at your local Target, you can purchase stick-on french tips that look just like the real deal. Press ’em on, and you are good you go!

Press on nails look just like the real thing. Photo by Grace Battaglia

Q: A lot of girls get spray tans, do I need to do that?

A: No, no, no, and NO! We all know that feeling we get the week before prom when girls magically transform from pale to bright orange. No need to spend $50 on a fresh spray. For only $8 you can get your own spray tan in a bottle. Just a simple lotion. Rub it on and watch your skin glisten. If your heart desires a spray tan, just make sure you go natural with the color.

Q: Where can I find a dress that is not outrageously expensive?

A: Windsor in the Brea Mall is a great place to start. They have inexpensive dresses that are perfect for prom. You do not need to drop $150+ on a dress that you plan on wearing once (unless you want to of course). We suggest going to the store itself rather than ordering dresses online. That way you won’t be left in a panic if the dress you ordered doesn’t fit. 

Junior Grace Battaglia wearing a prom dress from Windsor that only cost $35. Photo by Taylor Rawley

Q: What if I can’t find a date? Should I still go?

A: Absolutely. Prom only comes twice in your high school experience. Don’t miss out. Grab a group of girlfriends and make the most out of this special night.

Q: What are some fun things to do before the dance?

A: Before the dance, a lot of people choose to take pictures. Some good places to get some pretty shots include parks, the beach, and even at your house. If you have a pool, take some pictures in front of that. Otherwise, head to the front porch or anywhere where there are flowers. They make for a great background. After pictures, you will typically want to grab a bite to eat before the big night. Look for local restaurants that take reservations to be sure you will have enough time to eat and get to the dance on time.

Beautiful prom pictures taken in a backyard. Photo by Ashley Wielenga

Q: I don’t want to spend a fortune at MAC. How can I get my makeup to look gorgeous without the professionals?

A: No need to drop hundreds on makeup, just simply go to your nearest drugstore. They will have everything you need for a quarter of the price. Then go on YouTube, search James Charles, and practice.

Q: What do I talk about with my date if it gets awkward?

A: If the conversation starts to slow, don’t panic. Guys are awesome at hogging a conversation for hours. If you are enjoying listening to him warble, quickly mention a sports team, the newest Fortnite update, or anything about the new Marvel movie (no spoilers). 

Q: What are some fun things to do afterward?

A: If you are going with just your date: go grab some ice cream and talk about how fun the night was.

If you are going with a group: you can never go wrong with In and Out. After you have burned off four pounds on that dance floor, go fuel up with cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes. Then rip off those eyelashes and grab your bffs for a sleepover.

Remember, prom is in 17 days. Don’t spend too much time overthinking it- just have fun. (And don’t forget to get your dress checks turned into Dean Nanry by May 10.)