Prom Dress Do’s and Don’ts

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Prom Dress Do’s and Don’ts

Models taking a  break before going out. Photo by globalmkwanjashow

Models taking a break before going out. Photo by globalmkwanjashow

Models taking a break before going out. Photo by globalmkwanjashow

Models taking a break before going out. Photo by globalmkwanjashow

Erica Barton and Liza Dame

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Prom 2019 is right around the corner and everyone is searching for their perfect dress and date, hoping for the perfect look to complement the night. But before you go out and buy your dress, make sure it passes the official Royal Reporter DO’s and DON’Ts List.


  • Pick a dress that is floor length. This is a given, being that this is Prom and not just another informal dance. It is always nice to keep that in mind while dress shopping.
  • Pick a dress that you love. Even though your friends’ opinions are really important, remember that it is your night and all that

    Full coverage and super stylish. Photo by tbdress

    matters is that YOU love the dress.

  • Pick a color that is flattering on you. While you may love that neon green dress, it may not bring out your best features. Pick a dress that makes you pop.
  • Set a budget. Prom dresses can be expensive and odds are you probably will never wear the dress again, so avoid spending a fortune on it.
  • Think of your accessories. What are you going to wear with the dress? What high heals, jewelry and lipstick are you going to wear? Think about the hairstyle you would be wearing with each dress to see if you like it.


  • Deep slits. While slits in the dress look really cute and modest in the picture it may not be as modest on. Make sure that the slit you have does not give expose any body parts and that it is appropriate. Plus, you may be more comfortable without those deep slits anyway.
  • Cleavage. Just cover up, please.
  • Skin tight. Skin tight dresses can be very pretty, and there are plenty that are appropriate; however, they become too tight when they hinder your movement or scrunch up to reveal too much.
  • Excessive spray tans. While you may want to look golden, make sure that you don’t go overboard so that you look orange.
  • Transparent fabric. While you may not be able to tell your dress is transparent when you try it on you will definitely find out when you take pictures. Make sure you do all the checks to make sure that your dress is perfectly appropriate so that there won’t be any embarrassing moments: that absolutely means proper undergarments.


We hope these do’s and don’t tips helped out while go Prom dress shopping. Remember to have fun but keep it classy.

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