Softball’s Last Game

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Softball’s Last Game

Rosary Softball Team.  Photo taken by Mr. Hansen.

Rosary Softball Team. Photo taken by Mr. Hansen.

Rosary Softball Team. Photo taken by Mr. Hansen.

Rosary Softball Team. Photo taken by Mr. Hansen.

Izzy Lopez, Staff Writer

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On Wednesday, April 24, Rosary’s softball team played their last game of the season.  The Royals played OLU in a competitive game, where both teams put in an equal amount of effort and love for the game.  The game took place at Orange Lutheran High School, where there was much excitement in the air.

For one of our teammates, it was her last game, which made it even more exciting.

“I am sad to leave my Royal sisters; they have always been there to support me in my high school-softball career.  But I am so excited to move onto Marymount in the fall and meet my new teammates and see what college has in store for me,” senior Lanie Adamsen told the Royal Reporter.

Lanie Adamsen smiling for the camera. Photo taken by Esther Yang.

It was quite a bittersweet moment for the lone senior on the team.

Junior Kat Davis was also very excited about playing her last game and moving onto her senior year: “The game presented a challenge for our team.  We fought hard until the end, and I am very proud of how we played this season.”

Kat Davis. Photo taken by Mr. Hansen.

Kat is also excited to be a leader on the team next year.

Another junior, Esther Yang, told the Royal Reporter, “I am so proud of my girls and how hard they worked this year.”

Esther Yang, right. Photo taken by Kat Davis.

Now that’s what we call supportive sisterhood.

Rosary softball really went out with a bang, and although they did not win their last game, they stuck together as sisters.  Make sure to come out and support our softball in their upcoming games next season, in Spring 2020.

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