Rosary’s Severe Case of Senioritis

Seniors do not care!

Seniors do not care!

Izzy Lopez, Photo Editor

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This semester, Rosary Academy has been struck with a severe epidemic of senioritis.

Senioritis, an illness known to many high school teachers and younger students alike, is when a 12th grade student is exhausted from the extensive weariness of being a senior.  There is a decline in work production or a stop in work production all together.

Students also begin to arrive to class later, typically with Starbucks and bedhead.  They begin to act as if they are in their late 30s, stressed out beyond belief, gaining early wrinkles and even some grey hairs.

Senior Joy Joukhadar says, “I used to stay up till 1:30 studying.  Now, I stay up til 1:30 binging Parks and Rec.”

Senior Joy Joukhadar sleeping. Photo by Sofia Benevides.

Yikes, Joy!  That is one severe case of senioritis.

Senior Sofia Benevides confided in the Royal Reporter and tells us how done she is with school, saying, “Honestly, what’s the point now?  I got into my colleges, I did the work, I think I deserve a little break.  It’s all good.”

Sofia not caring at all about school. Photo by Izzy Lopez.

However, there are some outliers.

Senior Caitlin McClure says, “Even though I cannot wait to go to college, I’m trying to finish my last few days strong and get all my work in.  Rosary will forever leave a lasting impression ad has kept me organized throughout high school.”

Caitlin working diligently. Photo by Izzy Lopez.

Well, at least some people still have motivation.

Although it appears that the students do not care anymore- and maybe they do not to a very blunt extent- they still care about doing well deep down, but are just excited to go off to college.  Please keep on being the amazing people you all are and be patient with our seniors.

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