Chicken Tender Heaven


Some lovely chicken tenders. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Grace Battaglia and Kate Noden

Many of you have probably been wondering where the best chicken tenders are hidden. Well, once again, you can thank the food connoisseurs at the Royal Reporter for investigating this worthwhile cause so you do not have to.

From worst to best:

#6: Ruby’s

Do not get us wrong, chicken tenders can never be bad. However, they can be overcooked. That is how Ruby’s chicken tenders are. The taste of crunchy (and not in a good way) breading coated in burn marks is not one that is all too pleasant. We would stick with milkshakes when going to Ruby’s.

#5: McDonald’s

Mc Donald’s is known for chicken, burgers, and anything greasy. While their chicken nuggets place near perfect on our scale, the chicken tenders do the opposite. The tenders themselves are not flavorful enough on their own. It needs a variety of dipping sauces to make them pleasing. A good chicken tender should be able to stand on its own. Disappointing McDonald’s.

Kate Noden and Grace Battaglia at McDonald’s, returning unsatisfied after eating chicken tenders and getting breakfast instead. Photo by Grace Battaglia

#4: Jack in the box

Jack in the Box’s chicken tenders are not bad by any means. They are just sort of… average. There are no fireworks going off in your mouth when you take a bite of one. Nothing much to say about these mediocre tenders.

#3: Islands

Finally, some respectable chicken tenders. Islands chicken tenders are flavorsome and have a good texture. They are soft and tear apart nicely. The tenders are packed with flavor while not making your tongue feel like it took a bite from a salt block. Pair it with Islands iconic ranch dressing and your stomach will thank you.

#2: Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is known for making mouthwatering chicken meals. It is no surprise that their chicken tenders are just as pleasant as their entire menu. With respectable taste and texture, Chick-fil-A manages to prove that they really know how to make some good chicken.

#1: Raising Cane’s

And the obvious winner- Cane’s. Focusing their sole purpose on chicken tenders, they have created a flawless one. A beautiful balance between juiciness, crunch, flavor, and pure bliss. One bite of these lip-smacking tenders and your soul will be uplifted. No one can beat a Canes chicken tender.

A “box combo” from our beloved Raising Canes. Photo by Grace Battaglia