Blooming Moves at Spring Fest


Sophia Mall '19 and Chayse Gomez '19 posing with a light stick. Photo by Juliana Maldonado '20.

Maryann Compton and Kat Davis

On Saturday the 13th, Rosary, Servite and Connelly held the Spring Fest in the quad of Connelly. Students were greeted with festive decorations, neon lights, and a TK Burger food truck. Filled with many activities, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., students got to eat, dance and interact with their brother and sister schools. During the three hours of fun, students could take pictures in a photo booth and receive henna tattoos. 

Whitney Dubler ’20 and Kat Davis ’20 posing together. Photo by Juliana Maldonado

To match the music festival theme, students grabbed glow sticks and light up foam wands to bring light to the party. They got creative with headbands, bracelets, even belts made out of glow sticks. Many could also be seen with flower crowns, face paint, and band t-shirts including Queen and Nirvana.

Many iconic songs were played that brought the crowd to dance in unison. Songs like Cupid Shuffle and YMCA got kids rushing back to the dance floor to perform the traditional dances.

Sophia Mall ’19 expressed, “In my opinion, the dance was great. The festival theme was not only a great idea but everyone dressed for the theme which normally doesn’t happen, so we had a lot of fun putting together our outfits for the night.”

Chelsey Ruiz ’21 and Julia Valencia ’21 pose under the Spring Fest balloons. Photo by Juliana Maldonado

Servite student Erik Mercado ’19 also enjoyed the dance. “The Spring Fest was only fun if the people you went with made it fun. Luckily I was able to spend the night with some of my best friends.”

Connelly student Maria (Lola) Searcy ’20 explains, “My favorite part was being able to spend time with my Tri-School friends. It was great just to forget about school and life for a little and just dance the night away.”

Tri-School students had a blast at Spring Fest. It was a well-deserved break for everyone as they head towards the end of the 2018-2019 school year.