Day in the Life of a Baskin Robbin’s Worker


Kate Noden winning at life Photo by Grace Battaglia

Kate Noden and Grace Battaglia

Summer is approaching fast, and for many of us, that begins the search for summer jobs.

I mean, who doesn’t want to spend their relaxing days off with exhausting work for minimum wage?

But what is the ideal job to have as a teenager?  One of our own Royals found the dream teenage job. A Baskin Robbins ice cream scooper.

Junior Kate Noden finally decided it was her time to go out into the world and make a living for herself. She walked right into Baskin Robbins on a cool crisp March afternoon and was hired on the spot.

Kate Noden thriving by serving samples
Photo by Grace Battaglia

Since then her life has been filled with ice cream, and ice cream, and even more ice cream. Luckily, we got the inside scoop of what it’s like to be a Baskin Robbin employee.

Kate states, “ After spending a full day at my favorite place in the world, Rosary Academy, I like to jaunt over to another one of my beloved places, Baskin Robbins. I immediately get to work. When customers come in I give them exactly what they want. Whether it be typical ice cream, jam-packed shakes, cappuccino blast, or complicated sundaes.”

Kate hard at work attempting to make waffle cones
Photo by Grace Battaglia

The menu has over thirty items to choose from; it takes a truly skilled person to remember them all. Kate often spends her nights studying the Baskin menu to become an elite worker. Kates close friend, Junior Melina Alsworth exclaimed, “my favorite thing to do is visit Kate at work; she always gives me free samples and won’t let me leave till I tip her. She’s the best.”

Grace Battaglia enjoying a free sample of Rocky Road to soothe her rigorous tonsilitis 
Photo by Kate Noden

Believe it or not, Baskin Robbins can get pretty crowded, especially on their bargain days. Kate gave us insight on the hard days and the things no typical person would see.

She states, “ It’s not all easy, life can be rough sometimes. Like if an ice cream tub runs out, I myself have to go climb into a gigantic (-20*) freezer. It can take me minutes sorting through 100 tubs; sometimes, as hypothermia sets in, I wonder if I will ever make it out.”

Kate freezing in the -20-degree freezer
Photo by Kate Noden

“The worst part about the job”, Kate states, “is that with one wrong move you can ruin thousands of dollars in ice cream. My first time closing by myself I accidentally turned off the freezers because I thought it was a light switch. It caused over 600$ of ice cream to melt and be ruined. Let’s just say it’s gonna take a lot of paychecks to return that money.”

If you wish to be as lucky as our own Kate Noden, then you’re in for a steal: Baskin Robbins is hiring. Head down to your local Baskin Robbins and sign up today to live the teenage dream or even just to get a yummy scoop of ice cream.