Alumna Spotlight: Victoria Coutinho


Victoria Coutinho and her friend at prom. Photo provided by Victoria Coutinho.



Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

Today, the wonderful alumna we are writing about is Victoria Coutinho, who graduated from Rosary in 2012. During her four years at Rosary, she was an ambassador, a club moderator, an Interschool Representative, an ASB member, and a member of the golf team. Victoria misses Rosary dearly as she explains, “I look back on my time at Rosary with an incredibly grateful heart. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be a Royal. Rosary was where I began to discover who I was, and I’d do anything to go back for a day.”

She tells the Royal Reporter that her favorite teacher was Ms. Gavin and that her favorite subject was AP Psychology with Mrs. Ludin. Victoria explains, “She had a unique teaching style and taught me a method of note taking that helped me tremendously throughout college.”

Victoria and her friend posing together during their graduation ceremony. Photo provided by Victoria Coutinho.

After Rosary, she attended Loyola Marymount, and majored in Political Science, while minoring in Spanish. Thanks to the AP courses she was able to take at Rosary, she was able to graduate a semester early. Currently, she is about to start her graduate studies at USC. She will get her Master’s in Social Work and will be graduating in 2020.

Victoria also travels to Brazil frequently to visit relatives.

She’s been to Italy and France and because she can speak Spanish, Portuguese, and English, she is able to travel more efficiently. Someday, she hopes to visit Petra, Jordan and Tulum, Mexico.

During her free time, Victoria assists with equine therapy for at-risk youth and facilitates youth ministry meetings at her parish. When she isn’t volunteering or at work, she enjoys jogging or reading a Dan Brown book at the beach.

Victoria and the view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo provided by Victoria Coutinho.

As mentioned above, Victoria volunteers at her parish, which specializes in helping students learn about their faith and get confirmed. I have been blessed to have met Victoria, as I also volunteer at this parish. Victoria is a very outgoing and loving human being. She is a role model to all and is someone you can come to for anything. Coincidentally, we went to the same middle school and high school.

To wrap up, Victoria was well-involved in the school. She continues to achieve so much throughout her life, and strives to do her best. The Royal Reporter congratulates her on her achievements and wishes her the best at USC.