The Quest for College: Royal College Visits

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The Quest for College: Royal College Visits

Holly Middleton, Sports Editor

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Before their high school journey ends, everyone must go through the rigorous process of finding and choosing a college or university to attend. This can be a very tough process, as every school has expansive pros and cons, and those pros and cons are different for everybody. You cannot just plug in everything you want into a search and get back the perfect university for you – put simply, there are too many factors that are part of this choice that must be addressed. Location, size, activities, majors, minors, electives, clubs, sports, finances, dorm size, demographics, and more all should be a part of your final decision. But one of the best ways to narrow your choices down is to take a college visit.

These journeys are mostly taken by juniors and seniors. They are meant to help you “get a feel” for a college campus. Here are the upperclassmen who used their senior break to help them make their college decision.

Senior Ava Cunningham visited Fordham University and the University of San Diego, and looks forwards to visiting Marquette University and Texas Christian University. “I think a college visit really helped me decide what I do and don’t like in a school. I recommend for everyone to take a visit if they can; with my visit, I was able to eliminate a school and move another higher up my list.

Senior Ava Cunningham snapped a photo of Fordham University. Photo By Ava Cunningham

Senior Maya Gutierrez visited Marquette University over spring break. She loved it and is excited to potentially go to school there. “For me, I am just trying to narrow it down between a handful of schools. It’s difficult to do so when there are so many good ones out there, but in the end, I know I’ll make the best choice that I can.”

Senior Maya Gutierrez poses in front of one of the many beautiful views in Milwaukee. Photo courtesy of Maya Gutierrez

Junior Riley Hawkins visited three schools over break: UC Berkeley, University of San Francisco, and Santa Clara University. However, Santa Clara stuck out to her the most. “It was really fun to leave the Fullerton bubble. I really liked Santa Clara, the campus is beautiful, and I didn’t know that Mission Santa Clara was right on campus! I am really considering Santa Clara now because of the tour I took.”

Junior Mya Hernandez visited the University of Michigan. “It was gorgeous there, I really hope I can go to school there someday. Plus, I think it’s pretty neat that they filmed a part of Indiana Jones there.”

Mya Hernandez ’20 snapped a photo of the library at the University of Michigan. Photo by Mya Hernandez

Cailey Rembert ’20 “really would like to go to school on the East coast.” She visited Syracuse University and Boston University over break. “I loved seeing the college campuses in person. I took some online tours on their websites, but nothing compares to an actual, physical visit to these schools. I think Boston and Syracuse are going to be really high up on my college list.” Cailey hopes to go back and visit again when she’s a senior.

Some Royals went out of the country to continue their college search. Over break, 23 Royals visited Europe. There, they got to visit Trinity College, a school located in Dublin, Ireland.

Senior Liza Dame poses in front of one of the historic buildings from Trinity University In Ireland. Photo courtesy of Liza Dame.

Wherever you go, follow these Royals’ example and try your best to visit, whether it’s down the street, a few states over, or even a whole country away.

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