The Worst Day Ever

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The Worst Day Ever

Spring Forward by Kenji Thuloweit

Spring Forward by Kenji Thuloweit

Spring Forward by Kenji Thuloweit

Spring Forward by Kenji Thuloweit

Caitlin McClure and Ella Shi

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Last Sunday something bad happened. Okay, not that bad, but still not great. We lost something, something very important. AN HOUR. Now I don’t know about you, but when I woke up completely EXHAUSTED after Red and Gold and found out I lost an hour, I was less than pleased. These Royals just so happen to have similar opinions about this dastardly day:

Senior Alex Samawi taking a quick power nap. Photo by Caitlin McClure

Zheyi Jin ‘22

“The daylight saving messes up my sleeping schedule. It is hard for me to fall asleep at midnight and to get up in the morning. I have to set up multiple alarms to wake me up on time to not arrive at school late.”

Vanesa Farooq ‘20

“It makes me tired all the time. I don’t have time for my favorite breakfast- milk and cereal. Since I have to get up really early for zero period, I get extra tired when it’s still dark outside. Instead of feeling awake in the morning, I feel like I am still in bed. I take long naps after school more than usual after the daylight saving.”

Now what I feel makes this day truly awful is that we have all lost an hour from our busy schedules. So, as a cruel reminder here are 20 things you could have done if you still had that hour:

  1. Catch up on your favorite show
  2. Read something for fun
  3. Actually read the English book you were assigned
  4. Descend into the YouTube black hole
  5. Instagram stalk some people
  6. Go on a run
  7. Do a meditation
  8. Make yourself a nice meal
  9. Actually do the homework you were supposed to do
  10. Listen to some good music
  11. Have some ‘me’ time
  12. Hang out with friends
  13. Organize/ clean your room
  14. Go for a drive
  15. Play a game
  16. Clear out your overflowing Inbox
  17. Attempt a Pinterest project
  18. Draw something for fun
  19. Write something for fun
  20. Get in touch with an old friend

While spring forward sucks, don’t worry too much. After 6 long months we will get back this hour and now you are prepared with a list of things you can do to put that hour to good use- or you know, you can just sleep.

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