LA Eats


The Bodega Bay Oyster Company. Photo by Kathleen Luu.

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

Los Angeles is a hot spot for many high school and college students mainly because of the beautiful scenery and activities. However, if you’re staying in Los Angeles for a day, you might get hungry. Thankfully, Los Angeles has an enormous variety of international restaurants, making it easy to cater to your cravings, especially on a student budget. The Royal Reporter is here to break it down for you and help you find new, inexpensive restaurants to try.

  • Howlin’ Ray’s
Howlin Ray’s spicy chicken and fries. Photo by Kathleen Luu

Howlin’ Ray’s started out as a food truck, but as word got around, their business became crazy crowded. They then opened a restaurant and sold their famously loved Nashville-style hot chicken. Packed with a spicy kick, Howlin’ Ray’s has many levels of spice. From sandwiches to fries, their prices range from $4 to $12. The only downside is the line. Starting from 30 minutes, you could wait up to 2 hours. However, with their portions, prices, and taste, the wait is worth it. Mauriz Corrales ‘20 says, “When I went to LA, I had heard the buzz about Howlin’ Ray’s, and asked my parents if we could try it. Long story short, best spicy chicken I have ever tried. I would definitely recommend 10/10.



  • Pasta Sisters
Pasta dishes from Pasta Sister. Photo by Jakob Layman

Pasta Sisters is a small Italian restaurant that will for sure get you to take a pasta dish home. With their incredible use of spices, none of their dishes are bland. While their restaurant is small, their prices cannot compare. There are only 3 small tables and a couple of counter seats. However, their pasta is one of the top 10 pasta restaurants in LA. Their homemade pasta is like no other. They get their main inspiration from the region of Veneto in Italy. Their prices range from $11-$30, and it’s worth it.



  • Public School 213
An egg sandwich from Public School 213. Photo by Loretta C.

For your parents or much older siblings, this restaurant provides exclusive craft beer and delivers “An Education in the Art of Food & Beer.” However, for our purposes, this restaurant also provides a huge selection of different types of food. They only use fresh quality ingredients mainly bought from farmer’s markets. From soups to burgers and pizza, their menu has a variety of meals to love.




  • Philippe The Original
A lamb sandwich from Philippe The Original. Photo by Rick P.

One of the oldest and best-known restaurants in Southern California, Philippe’s was established in 1908 by Philippe Mathieu, who claimed the distinction of having created the “French Dipped Sandwich.” They specialize their sandwiches with many choices of meat. You can choose from beef, lamb, pork, turkey, or ham. After you choose your bread and meat, you then decide if you want your sandwich single or double-dipped in your choice of cheese. For my meat lovers, this restaurant is for you.






While there are many places to eat in Los Angeles, The Royal Reporter has brought you the best of the best. If you love to try new foods, these restaurants are for you. If you enjoyed any of these restaurants, leave a comment.