Lack of Late Start


A classroom full of sleepy Royals on a Thursday morning. Photo by Grace Battaglia

Grace Battaglia and Kate Noden

Red and Gold season is upon us, which means that the Royals have been spending 45 minutes each day practicing and prepping for this cherished tradition. However, with this flex period comes the loss of our beloved late start days.

Many sleep deprived Royals depend on these days to catch up on sleep. Let’s see how the students of Rosary have been holding up without their late start.

Junior Melanie Beltran stated, “This year I am a Red and Gold captain for the first time. It’s been so much fun and is worth losing the extra hour of sleep. My friends and I have been going to Chick- Fil- A before school to get their ‘chicken minis.’ That helps makeup for loss of late start.” 

A group of juniors enjoying an early Chick-Fil-A breakfast to cope with their lack of sleep. Photo by Melanie Beltran

Freshman Kelsey Gomez really misses getting that extra hour of beauty sleep. Nevertheless, she is really enjoying her first Red and Gold season: “Six weeks without late start has gone by really fast because I have been having so much fun.”

Abbie Samaniego ’20 misses late start as well. She shared, “Late start is the best. I loved being able to do my homework in the morning or getting an extra hour of sleep. It was the highlight of my week.”

A very tired Royal. Photo by Grace Battaglia

Lauren Mike ’19 is a producer in this years Red and Gold. She shared, “I love Red and Gold so much, but this year has been very hectic without my extra hour of sleep.”

Freshman Isabella Fuentes says, “The only day I had time to get coffee in the mornings was on Thursdays. Now I cant do that and it makes me sad.”

Sophomore Tara Fishman only had one thing to say: “Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. That’s how I survive no more late start.”

Junior Cailey Rembert loves Red and Gold. However, “my stress levels go up during the season. It would help to have a late start to break up the stress from the week and finish homework.”

Two royals enjoying Starbucks to combat their sleep deprivation. Photo by Kate Marshall

Serena Park ’21 doesn’t mind not having late start because she would rather spend those extra minutes dancing her heart out for the Red team.

The absence of late start has not affected senior Lanie Adamsen’s sleep schedule.”Every Thursday I still forget that we don’t have late start. So I end up sleeping in as late as I would on a late start day. Oops.”

It seems that many of the Royals have been using coffee, naps, and snacks to cope with their lack of sleep. But don’t worry, Red and Gold is a week away. After that, we will be back to getting that extra hour of sleep on Thursdays.