Mother-Daughter Mass


All the mom and daughters together for mass. Photo by Mrs. Kearns

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

On February 27th, Rosary hosted a mother-daughter mass before school. Lasting only 45 minutes, it is a perfect way to spend time your mom. Alongside that, your bond with God can become stronger.

Camille Aquino ’20 states, “I enjoy spending time with my mom at mass. It really does bring us together. I have a great relationship with my mom, but we take it the next step, and bond closer.”

Camille’s mom adds,”I’m glad that the parents get the opportunity to go to mass with their daughter. I also enjoy the fact that the masses are split between the parents, so we get additional and separate time with our daughters.”

Rebekah and her mom with Father Ian. Photo by Mr. Reinbold

Rebekah Barnabas ’19 states, “The mother-daughter masses are really nice because it is always nice to pray with my mom and start my day off grounded in prayer with her, through mass. I will admit it is a sacrifice to wake up earlier to attend the 7 am mass; however, it is always worth it because it sets the peaceful mood for the rest of the day.”

Rebekah’s mom mentioned, “Praying with my kids as a family is very important to me. There’s no better way than to strengthen the faith than to live it out by attending mass. Also, mornings are really hectic for me, so the change to start my day out peacefully with mass is so wonderful.”

Morning mass is the perfect opportunity to start your day off right. While it does mean you need to wake up earlier, it is worth it. If you missed this last one, the next mother-daughter mass is on April 10th. However if you miss the mother-daughter masses, keep an eye out for the mother-daughter retreat in May.