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Red, gold, and...white? Contrary to the titular “Red and Gold,” there is a third color: white. Rosary Academy’s white team neutrally works behind the scenes to ensure that the show runs smoothly and perfectly (or, almost perfectly). Let’s meet the six spectacular students who make Red and Gold what it is! 

The woman in charge. Photo by Julia Lewis

ASB President Julia Lewis ‘19 is in charge of delegating and making sure white team stays on task.  

R.R: What are you most excited about for the shows this year? 

JL: I am most excited for the teams to present their shows to each other on Friday. There’s something about the way all the girls cheer each other on when they’re on stage that truly embodies sisterhood.  

R.R: What would you like the student body to know about White Team? 

JL: The student body should know that White Team is so much fun, and we’ve become such a tight-knit family. I can only imagine that every year it’s the same with the girls. Everyone should know that the stress is totally worth it in the end because both shows always do such a great job by Red and Gold Weekend. It’s absolutely stunning to see how far the whole student body can overcome all obstacles to make such a fantastic show in just six short weeks. 


The enigma behind all of your refunds. Photo by Marissa Pennino

As ASB treasurer, Marissa Pennino ‘19 is in charge of budgeting for both teams and ensuring every single purchase is reimbursed.  

R.R: What’s the best part of your experience on White Team? 

MP: Seeing what goes on behind the scenes! I’ve had my time onstage, so it’s so interesting to see how much time, effort, and participation goes into putting on a smooth, well-run production. There’s no pressure to win; that’s why I love being neutral.  

R.R: What’s White Team’s biggest responsibility? 

MP: I wouldn’t say there’s one big responsibility, but a lot of “smaller” ones. We take attendance every day, write thank-you notes to parents, do the ROBO calls, communicate a lot with captains, etc.  

1/2 of the social chairs. Photo by Lauren Vasquez

Lauren Vasquez ‘19 is one of white team’s social chairs. Outside of Red and Gold, social chairs are in charge of planning the Father Daughter dance. However during the Red and Gold season, Lauren works with her fellow social chair to ensure fluid communication between both teams.  

R.R: What are White Team’s main jobs? 

LV: White team’s main jobs are taking attendance, every day, making sure both teams meet all of their deadlines, writing thank you notes, and opening up the show on Red and Gold weekend.  

R.R: What are the challenges of being on White Team? 

LV: The challenges of being on White Team are making sure everything both teams are doing align with the rules of Red and Gold and fixing any problems that may arise. Overall, being on White Team is a great experience, and I have cherished every moment with my five other white team directors.  



Lauren’s other super-cute half. Photo by Juliana Esquivel

Like Lauren, Juliana Esquivel ‘19 is the other social chair on white team.  

R.R: What is White Team like? 

JE: White Team is such a unique, valuable, and amazing experience! We start so early in the year getting the theme and captains together to reveal in December and January, so I feel as if I’ve been on Red and Gold mode forever (but I love it)! My favorite part is getting to know and become closer friends with my five other White Team members; I love and am so glad to be friends with each of them!  

R.R: Is it weird to know the stories of both shows? 

JE: It is beyond weird knowing both scripts, but I enjoy seeing the transformation from the first idea to witnessing it come to life during FLEX practice. I can’t wait until the final performance! 

Your favorite senior rep! Photo by Angela Baltazar

Angela Baltazar ‘19 is the Senior Representative and collaborates with the seniors and White Team in order to ensure that the seniors’ concerns are addressed as well as making sure everything runs smoothly.      

R.R: Why did you want to be on White Team? 

AB: I wanted to be on White Team because I love Red and Gold so much that I wanted to have a different perspective of it. I am amazed by watching both teams develop their shows because I can witness all the dedication and compassion they have towards it! 

R.R: How do you feel about not being able to perform on stage this year? 

AB It was weird at first that I’m not performing this year, but I kind of forgot about that. It’s because I’m still busy memorizing lines and shopping for a black dress, so I still feel the pressure of being on stage during Red and Gold. Even my parents were excited to find out what color I would be on this year, but now they get to show their support by being neutral. 

Emily Shank and her cousin/gold producer, Caitlyn. Photo by Emily Shank

As Junior Representative, Emily Shank ‘20 maintains strong communication with her junior class and White Team members in order to ensure that all junior concerns are addressed and that everything runs smoothly. 

R.R: What would you say to someone considering being on White Team next year? 

ES: I am having so much fun on White Team. It is a lot of hard work, but being part of this group with five amazing girls has been a complete different experience than that of my past two years of Red and Gold. I love it so much and completely recommend being on White Team. 

Hopefully you all know a bit more about White Team and the talented girls who help make Red and Gold season truly magical!  



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