Solo Senior


Lani is looking good in MCU gear on the day of her signing. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Kat Davis and Isabella Tejeda

Lanie Adamsen ’19, a talented senior on Rosary’s Softball team, is the captain of the team alongside upperclasswomen, Esther Yang ’20, Bryn Boznanski ’20, and Kat Davis ’20. With the season just swinging into gear, the Royal Reporter caught up with Lanie to learn more about the team’s leader.

Royal Reporter: Hi Lanie, getting straight to it, how are you feeling about this year’s softball season?

Lanie: I am really excited about this season. Our team is great this year and I feel we will be hard to beat.

RR: What are your goals for the team?

Lanie: My goals for the team this year are for us to have great communication and work together. Also, to make sure everyone is on the same page on and off the field.

RR: What’s it like being the only senior on the team?

Lanie: Honestly, being the only senior is really fun. I’m like the mother of the team and my teammates are all my daughters.

RR: What is your favorite memory you have from Rosary softball?

Lanie: My favorite memory would have to be from sophomore year when we beat Jserra 7-1. It was my first league win and it felt amazing.

RR: What position, or positions, do you play?

Lanie: I am primarily a pitcher, but I can play first base as well.

RR: How long have you been playing softball?

Lanie: I have been playing for about 13 years and will be continuing in college.

RR: Have you committed to a school already?

Lanie: Yeah, I’ve decided to sign with MCU (Marymount California University) because it is close to home, but far enough to where I can still grow as a person.

RR: Finally, do you have any words of wisdom to any of your teammates who may read this article, or simply to any softball players out there?

Lanie: All I can say is that attitude and effort are the two biggest parts of the game. Also, never take the game for granted because someday you will look back at all the memories and trust me, you will miss it.

Lani serving some fast pitches during one of Rosary Softball’s first few games of the season. Photo by Bret Boznanski

Softball has a great leader this year and Royal Reporters are sure they will go far. Make sure to go catch one of their games and see Lanie pitch some strikeouts.