Red Cross Blood Drive Unites Red and Gold Teams


Lara Macatangay '20 and Isabella Pasino '20 excited to donate. Photo by Maryann Compton

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

On Friday, February 15th, Rosary Academy hosted a Red Cross Blood Drive. The American National Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides disaster preparedness education in the United States. The American National Red Cross is always looking for blood donors.

Students resting while their blood is being drawn. Photo by Maryann Compton

When Red Cross came to Rosary, many students and parents took the chance to donate their time and blood to those in need. 36 people participated in the blood drive, racking up 38 pints of blood, enough to save 114 lives!

The Royal Reporter went around to see why students wanted to donate. Julia Toth ‘20 explains, “I like donating because it makes me happy knowing I am giving back to the community and saving 3 lives. A little bit of my time can go a long way for someone else.”

Giselle Castaneda ’21 also expresses, “I understand what it feels like to be in need, and by giving my blood I can fill that need for someone else. It makes me feel good to know that I can save 3 lives. Also because I was finally 16 and by donating blood, it gave me independence and it motivated me to help my community more.”

For those of us who may be squeamish around blood, or are afraid of needles, the process is quite simple. To start off, you fill out a questionnaire, just to make sure you are eligible to donate. While there are certain restrictions for who can donate blood, there are many other ways to help others if you do not fit these requirements.

Students giving thumbs up for their donation. Photo by Maryann Compton

After the questionnaire, the nurse gets a blood sample from your finger, only a small pinch for a short second and afterward, they bring you to a table. Here you get to lay down. If you don’t like needles, not to worry, just plug in some earphones, turn on some music, and relax. The pinch is only for a couple seconds, and then you’re on your way to saving 3 lives. And if you fit the requirements – 5’5 and weight at least 150 lbs, you could be eligible to donate 2 pints of blood, saving 6 lives.

Ms. Lanctot, one of the wonderful people that helped set this event up, explains, “It makes me happy to see students donate blood and see them give back. It shows that these students and parents care about people they don’t know or will never be affiliated with. It makes me especially happy to see that the students hearts are so big and caring. If you missed this recent blood drive, there is another opportunity in November.”

Many students might not have known that by donating blood, each participating student meant one point for their team. Red team won by 2 points. Good job to both teams.

Red Cross is always looking for donations. If you missed this recent blood drive, no worries, you can sign up to donate at