How To Handle the Cold

A group of upperclasswomen cuddling together to preserve body heat. Photo by Joy Joukhadar

A group of upperclasswomen cuddling together to preserve body heat. Photo by Joy Joukhadar

Joy Joukhadar, Editor-in-Chief

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California–the state known for her perpetual sunshine and amazing weather. Except, as of late, the weather hasn’t been too hot–literally and figuratively. It’s February and not in the 70s! Unbelievable! New Yorkers and Midwestern folk have to deal with sub zero temperatures, but they’re accustomed to that. Us? Not under the piercing rays of our iconic Cali sun? Unacceptable! So, to keep you alive until God makes a groundhog’s shadow appear and winter ends, the Royal Reporter has come with some tips and tricks to stay warm in this record-breaking cold winter.

Freshmen Anna DiCrisi and Elena Walz trying to comfort each other in the 60 degree freeze. Photo by Joy Joukhadar

  1. Wear thick tights or fuzzy socks: This may not be the cutest option, but comfort over cuteness right? Or, in this case, keeping a healthy body temperature over cuteness. Tomato, tomahto.
  2. Layer on Layer on Layer: By wearing an undershirt or two under your polo, as well as socks above your  tights, you should be able to stay toasty warm during these freezing days. Plus, by doing so you’re adding comfort while not wrecking our uniform’s adorable style.
  3. Bring a blanket: Lol, jk (see page 33 of the handbook).
  4. Go to Starbucks: Take a three minute drive to State College, and get a warm drink to share with friends! Or keep it to yourself. Do what you must to survive.
  5. Stop going to school, stay at said Starbucks: Who needs an education when you have lattes, heating, and cute cake pops? Lol, jk (see pages 13-15 in the handbook).
  6. Move into the Starbucks: The baristas are nice enough. I truly don’t think they’d mind–especially if you’re acting as polite and helpful as any Rosary Royal ought to be.
  7. Build Rosary a Starbucks on our property: With enough bake sales and free dress days, we should be able to fund a small shack for the lawn. You can have hot coffee and delicious, warm pumpkin bread at your disposal. What better to get you through Bevins’ freezing classroom than a 200 degree hot coco?
  8. Give up, move to Ecuador: Since the equator runs right through Ecuador, it’s typically blessed with beautiful weather year round. It’s got beautiful scenery, lovely nature, and very hospitable people. The country’s national language is Spanish, so stop by Mrs. Kappe’s for a quick recap of the language and then you’re off on your merry way to perpetual warmth!

Seniors Angela Baltazaar, Claire Nicodemus, and Jaelynn Perez smiling once they get into the warmth of loving Ms. Young’s room. Photo by Joy Joukhadar

We hope these life hacks help you have a better, warmer winter and keep you comfortable until the sun comes back!

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