100 Things to Do in Your Last 100 Days

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100 Things to Do in Your Last 100 Days

A Royal gathering. Photo by Kiren Grewal

A Royal gathering. Photo by Kiren Grewal

A Royal gathering. Photo by Kiren Grewal

A Royal gathering. Photo by Kiren Grewal

Kiren Grewal and Marissa Pennino

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 Dear Seniors, 

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but time is almost up. Here is a list of 100 things to do in your last 100 days as a senior at the Academy…

  1. Do a senior sunrise at the beach with your pals 

    Some loving Royal Senior Sisters enjoying a much-needed potluck. Photo by Iris Kang

  2. Have a senior potluck, and actually bring main-courses
  3. Wear a messy bun one last time
  4. Wear sweats under your skirt (shh, don’t tell Ms. Nanry) 
  5. Pull a Caitlyn Shank and get ice from the athletic trainer room
  6. Actually talk to your little sister, and give her advice 
  7. Ask dance team to teach you how to do an aerial
  8. Fight the government like Joy Joukhador  
  9. Make a Facebook to find your future roommate (trust me, you’ll need one) 
  10. Get a Philz mint mojito (coffee) and avocado toast before school 
  11. Have a pre-late start breakfast with your buddies 
  12. Uber Eats Raisin’ Canes for your table 
  13. Sit at a random table with random people and have random conversations 
  14. Try boba, if you haven’t already 
  15. Pray like Rebekah Barnabas for a day 
  16. Have a school-wide dance off just one more time 
  17. Sing “Breaking Free,” and belt out Troy Bolton’s solo 
  18. Dye your hair every week like Ava Cunningham  
  19.  Power through senioritis and study for a test
  20. Fail a test 
  21. Make your own bank account 
  22. Become a math god like Emma Hoferer
  23. Become a meme queen like Holly Middleton 
  24. Go talk to the folks in the financial office (yes, that is a real thing)
  25. Sleep in, and come to school late with a Venti Starbucks 
  26. Watch a Comedy Sports show at Connelly  
  27. Go to a Tri-School show (and use code SARNI) 
  28. Go on a road trip with your loving Royal sisters  
  29. Try the interesting cafeteria food—perhaps a breakfast burrito 
  30. Pull a Sofia Benavides and sleep through an entire lecture
  31. Finesse the vending machine (it can be a 2-for-$1 special with a violent shake)
  32. Wear a crazy Red & Gold finale outfit and go wild 

    We <3 Red & Gold. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

  33. Sparknote an entire novel (sorry English Department) 
  34. Actually read the books Ms. Young assigns  
  35. Wear sandals to school 
  36. Get a job and “acquire that yeast”
  37. Use your student discount while you still can  
  38. Go to a Wednesday mass at lunch with Father Ian   
  39. Fix the broken senior microwave  
  40. Crush those AP tests…or let them crush you 
  41. Wear cringey matching outfits to MORP 
  42. Smile BIG like Nicole Garcia
  43. Go to a Rosary basketball game and scream your lungs out 
  44. Go talk to the friendly faces in the front office 
  45. Come to school with a full-face of makeup…because you can 
  46. Tell your favorite teacher how much they’ve impacted your life  
  47. Learn how to read Roman numerals  
  48. Take a day off like Jazelle Viszneki 
  49. Venture down to the secret tunnels and write your name on the walls  
  50. Find your locker 
  51. Use your locker 
  52. Ponder the meaning of our existence with Mr. Bevins 
  53. Spend a cozy detention with Dean Nanry  
  54. Make a freshman’s day by saying hi 
  55. Dent your Hydro Flask 
  56. Warn your junior friends about the terrors of the college process  
  57. Reassure your junior friends that it’s going to (hopefully) be okay
  58. Don’t bring a lunch and mooch off your loving Royal sisters 
  59. Let Pam Stenzel yell at you again 
  60. Cry during Red & Gold
  61. Solve a Rubik’s cube  
  62. Fix the plumbing in the bathrooms
  63. Actually use your school planner 
  64. Watch Mr. Faubl draw a map of United States, and maybe even attempt it yourself

    Mr. Faubl working his magic. Photo by Kiren Grewal


  65. Be nice to a Servite boy 
  66. Do a math test in pen 
  67. Have a pep talk with Mr. Yoon 
  68. Go thrifiting  
  69. Listen to Ms. Barclay vent about her sketchy cherry-flavored candy jar 
  70. Instead, eat Ms. Young’s candy (the better jar, obviously) 
  71. Take a trendy Instagram pic  
  72. Grow a plant, and remember to water it 
  73. Scissor-kick someone off the balcony, Mr. Clough-style 
  74. Go to a concert on a school night  
  75. Try to have a full-on conversation in Spanish, French, or ASL with your respective language teacher 
  76. Ask Mrs. Nutt what separates the women from the girls 
  77. Have a bonfire 
  78. Actually participate in your House Family activities  
  79. Watch a riveting police pursuit with Mr. Chavez 
  80. Learn how to play chess 
  81. Mob down to the Brea Mall after-school and try something new at the food court  
  82. Make a mural out of Mrs. Ward’s white board 
  83. Make an appearance on Royal TV
  84. Become vegan for a day, like Mr. Stegink 
  85. Go to bed early 
  86. Pull an all-nighter 
  87. Sing your heart out during Mass 
  88. Learn how to sew from Ms. D’Alba 
  89. Tell Mrs. Rosales that she’s awesome 
  90. Binge-watch a Netflix series  

    The Class of 2019. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

  91. Go to Prom, even if it’s with your friends 
  92. Sing “Home” by Phillip Phillips  
  93. Take a picture with the Senior Mural 
  94. Graffiti your name on the Senior Mural 
  95. Forgive your friends, and forget the drama llama 
  96. Say hi to Maurice one last time 
  97. Have the ENTIRE grade sign your yearbook 
  98. Thank your parents for allowing you to make a home at the Academy 
  99. Have a senior sleepover and reminisce about your favorite memories  
  100. Enjoy every second. 







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