Junior Spotlight: Meet Savanah Alvarado


Savanah in France. Photo provided by Savannah

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

As we roll into the new year, new students are transferring in and the junior class is excited to welcome our newest student, Savanah Alvarado. Savannah comes from La Serna High School in Whittier, California, where she played volleyball, swam, and was involved in a musical production called “Motown.”

Savanah and her friend posing for their production of “Motown.” Photo provided by Savannah

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, watching live music, and traveling around the world.  Savannah shared, “I would love to get the chance to travel to Tokyo, Amsterdam, and New York City. I want to go to Tokyo because I love their choice of fashion, and hope to learn more from it, and New York as well as Amsterdam for the experience.”

A fun hobby Savanah enjoys is making her own clothes, which makes her happy.

Some fun facts Savanah shared with the Royal Reporter are the fact that she is left-handed, she owns two dogs, and she can hold her breath for two minutes.

She also shares that she graduated 8th grade with only eleven students in her class. Savanah went to Carden School of Whittier, and says, “My middle school was very small. The people who stayed until eighth grade were all people who were there since preschool. Everyone grew extremely close and the graduation was very emotional.”

Savanah skiing. Photo provided by Savannah

When coming to Rosary, Savanah was nervous because she was going to be in a new environment with many people she didn’t know. Savanah explains, “I was excited and nervous. Excited because I knew I would meet a lot of new people, but also scared because I was shy, and didn’t know if I would fit in, but contrary to my beliefs, I met a lot of new people without a problem and was able to fit in perfectly.”

She also tells the Royal Reporter, “My original plan was to come to Rosary my freshman year, but my parents and I decided I would go to my local high school, however when my junior year arrived I decided to do what was better for myself and my future and transferred to the school I wanted.”

Savanah’s hopes for this year includes ending the year with straight A’s and spending the most time she can with her family and friends. When the season starts up again for volleyball, Savannah hopes to try out and make the team.