Ways To Unwind

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Ways To Unwind

Sunset in Malibu.  Photo taken by Izzy Lopez.

Sunset in Malibu. Photo taken by Izzy Lopez.

Sunset in Malibu. Photo taken by Izzy Lopez.

Sunset in Malibu. Photo taken by Izzy Lopez.

Izzy Lopez, Photo editor and Staff Writer

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Need to learn how to unwind? Are you physically and emotionally unable to relax (or have you even forgotten how to do so)?  These are some common side-effects that accompany the pains of homework, tests, and other rigorous but draining activities; you may find yourself becoming so enamored with your busy schedule that you forget how to relax, and now you are left hysterical.  However, you do no longer need to worry- here are three effective ways to kick your feet back for a hot second.

1.) Meditation

You might think that meditation means traveling to some far-away place in the mountains where a wise guru lives, helping you forget all of your troubles while you elevate significantly on a spiritual level.  However, this is not what meditation is, especially if you are just starting. Of course, you could have group meditations and go to a relaxing place, like your local park or the beach. However, you do not have to do something in order to meditate. There are many apps, such as Headspace, that let you meditate anywhere from 5-10 minutes and help train your brain to relax. These are great ways to learn how to unwind, especially if you have limited time to do so.

The pathway of life. Photo taken by Izzy Lopez.

2.) Being in nature

Many times, homework can keep us house-ridden, and you may find yourself with cabin fever.  Fear no more- nature may be your remedy. Being out at the beach, at the park, or even in your backyard can sometimes make you feel more connected with the world. You also get more opportunities to hang out with your friends and look away from your phone, and even get some exercise. Being with friends or pets outside may make you happier, raising your levels of serotonin therefore reducing stress.

The view off of Malibu Pier. Photo taken by Izzy Lopez.

3.) Find your hobby/happy place

As years progress, it seems to be harder and harder to find something you enjoy doing in your free time.  People overload themselves and commonly forget that mental and physical health is a priority. Running yourself ragged will not make you feel happy or any more successful. It will probably make you feel like even more of a stress-case, so one of the best ways to feel like less of a failure is to find something you actually like. It could be sports, nature, writing- it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you find yourself actually wanting to do it.

Traveling is a great hobby. Photo by Izzy Lopez.

Remember- mental health is just as important, if not more, than getting an A on your next draining test.

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