Secret Lives: The Science Department

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Secret Lives: The Science Department

Our very-own science department. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Our very-own science department. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Our very-own science department. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Our very-own science department. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Marissa Pennino and Kiren Grewal

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The wait is over, folks. The Royal Reporter is back at it again to finally unveil the secret lives of the Science Department. 


Rosary’s stunning anatomy teacher/figure skater. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

You all remember seeing Ms. Lanctot skillfully skating out onto the floor of the Karcher Center during the Clash of Classes.  When interviewing Ms. Lanctot about her after school activities, she let us know that she occasionally enjoys a good skate around the rinks on the weekend. Undercover, we followed Ms. Lanctot to a roller rink after school and found out that she is a member of the Angel City Derby Girls – a distinguished super hero roller derby league in Southern California! Her team, the Hollywood Scarlets, are off-season right now, but be sure to buy tickets and catch her tearing it up on the rinks. 


Venus Williams’ fiercest competitor! Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Rosary Academy loves our athletic and energetic Exercise Science teacher, Mrs. Simonton. An avid marathon runner and an experienced golfer, Mrs. Simonton is also Rosary Academy’s beloved Head Tennis Coach. But before teaching and coaching at the Academy, Mrs. Simonton also competed in the Women’s Tennis Association. That’s right folks, Mrs. Simonton played in Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the Australian Open, and also competed for the U.S. in the Olympics! Mrs. Simonton even beat Venus Williams in a friendly exhibition match. What a star! Maria Braatz ‘20 said: “Coach Debbie is honestly such a great motivator and has helped me become such a skilled player. Rosary is blessed to have a tennis legend teach and coach!”  



Mr Yoon’s profile picture on Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Many of you know Mr. Yoon as a skilled chemistry teacher in the classroom or as an inspiring basketball coach on the court. But, what you may not know about Mr. Yoon is that he is also a motivational life coach. When I was lurking on the website, I came across Mr. Yoon’s profile. Whenever you need a nice pep talk or inspirational chat, make sure to stop by room 1. With such amazing motivational skills, no wonder Mr. Yoon was able to lead the basketball team to victory! Maybe he can help you overcome your senioritis or caffeine withdrawals.



Practicing his smile for the circus. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Walking into my AP Physics class last week, I noticed a mysterious item sitting on Mr. Faubl’s desk—a strange red ball. After further examination, I reached the conclusion that this foreign object was a red foam clown nose. Mr. Faubl quickly assured me that it was “not what it looks like,” but later explained the truth: he lives a secret life as a circus clown. That’s right Royals—a circus clown. Every weekend is usually spent on the road at a local circus, putting on shows for audiences of all ages. When we interviewed Mr. Faubl for more information, he ominously disclosed, “There’s a dark side to being a clown: messing with emotions, tricking others, etc.” He declined any further explanation. Catch him at the Fullerton circus juggling and walking the tightrope!


Mr. DeLeon could be your personal stylist, today! Call (714)-GET-STYLED. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

Some of you may solely know Mr. DeLeon for his tendency to sport the ever-so-stylish Yeezy’s around campus. But what Royals don’t know about him is his secret life as a personal stylist for famous rappers! In the past, Mr. DeLeon has styled outfits for Drake, Migos, Kanye West, and Travis Scott, just to name a few. Next time you see him, make sure to ask him who he is styling at the moment. Maybe he could style you for the next dance.

Travis Scott’s famous Astroworld outfit, styled by Mr. Newton DeLeon. Photo by Google


Mia Hamm’s understudy. Photo by Mrs. Reinbold

You all know and love our brilliant biology and chemistry teacher, Mrs. Hunt. Some of you may also know that Mrs. Hunt played and coached soccer for many years. However, Royal Reporter recently uncovered some never-before-seen footage of Mrs. Hunt playing for Team USA in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup! In fact, Mrs. Hunt subbed out an injured Mia Hamm and was able to lead her team to victory. This substitution was a secret in order to protect Mrs. Hunt’s identity. FIFA even photoshopped Mrs. Hunt’s face for Mia Hamm’s!

When asked about her days dominating on the field, she said: “I really enjoyed my time Maradona-ing, hat trick-ing, and roulette-ing on the pitch. Now, I enjoy playing with my kids and teaching them all my tricks and tips!”

Next time you see Mrs. Hunt, ask her how scored the winning goal during the penalty shootout, and how Mia Hamm received all the credit.  

Mrs. Hunt warming up before her big match. Photo by Mrs. Hunt


Make sure to tune in next week for the math department!


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