Baller Updates


Our Varsity Basketball Girls! Photo by Reinbold Photography

Maryann Compton and Isabella Tejeda

Playoffs are starting soon for the Rosary’s basketball team, and our varsity players are more than excited to play against some of the best teams in California. Recently, Rosary’s varsity team defeated Santa Margarita, Foothill Tech, Esperanza, Orange Lutheran, and St. Anthony. Their current league record includes 3 wins and only 1 loss. Their overall score, however, is 21 wins and 5 losses.

When asking Mr. Yoon his opinions on how the season was going, he stated, “We started to play some of our best basketball of the year. With so many new faces, it has taken some time to gel and have the team chemistry required to play at a high level.  At Number 2 in Orange County, we beat the number 3 team (Esperanza by 30 points) this past Monday night in a featured MLK showcase.”

He also explained his thoughts on his hope for the team, “I want our players to know how to handle obstacles, conquer adversity, problem-solving, sacrifice, and working together for a greater good while treating others with respect.”

Kaylee Byon ’22 shooting. Photo by Maryann Compton ’20

Kaylee Byon ‘22 explains her excitement for this upcoming season: “Even though I am new to Rosary, I can feel the rush of excitement, running down the court with my teammates.”

Not only is Kaylee excited for this upcoming season, but Caylee Santos ‘20 explains, “I have a good feeling about this year. I really think we can make it to playoffs this year because of all our hard work and our additional new players.” Caylee is the main shooting guard and has been on varsity since her freshman year.

Varsity basketball also gained many new players to their team this year that include: Kaylee Byon ‘21, Kaylani Barker ‘21, Soleil Montrose ‘21, Savannah Felix ‘19, Asia Avinger ‘2o, Nicole Rodriguez ‘20. With our new players on the court, the team is surely on their way to their next championship. 

Rosary’s Senior Night is this Tuesday, January 29th at Rosary against St. Anthony. Come out and show your support.