Soccer Spotlight: Lolani Blas


Lolani Blas, #35 on the field, poses for her picture in the beginning of this year's season. Photo by Reinbold Photography

Kat Davis, Staff Writer

You may have seen a girl named Lolani Blas ’21 strolling through the hallways or raising her hand in class, but have you seen her tear up the soccer field?

Royal Reporter caught up with her for a quick interview.

Royal Reporter: How long have you been playing soccer?

Lolani Blas: I’ve been playing since I was 4, so 11 years now.

RR: So I can assume that you’ve been on multiple teams growing up. Which team has been your favorite so far?

Lolani: Definitely Rosary’s team. All my other teams were fun, but I wasn’t with any of them for super long. With Rosary though, I’ve been able to grow with my team and coaches for two years.

RR: Are you on a club team right now as well as being on Rosary’s team?

Lolani: No, I’ve never actually played club soccer. In 7th grade I stopped playing rec and joined the Extra team, which is a higher level than rec but not a club team. I played that till the end of 8th grade, and now I just play Rosary soccer.

RR: Out of the 11 years you’ve been playing, what is the one thing you’ve learned?

Lolani: I’ve learned that working hard for your team is super important. Even if I’m not the best player on the team, I can work hard to help my team.

RR: What position/positions do you play? What position do you hope to play if any?

Lolani: I’ve played all over the field, but during these past two seasons for Rosary, I’ve played midfield. I personally prefer to play forward though, just because I think I have better speed to score than endurance to play midfield. So I hope to be able to play more forward positions in the upcoming seasons.

RR: How was your season with Rosary this year?

Lolani: My season was great.  JV did well this year, especially in league. We only lost 2 league games. I also got called up for a few varsity games and got to play in two of those games.

RR: Are you looking to continue playing soccer in college?

Lolani: I’m not sure if I want to play in college. I love soccer, and if I can play at whichever school I go to, then I probably will.

RR: What do you enjoy most about soccer?

Lolani: I enjoy the community I get from the team, but most of all I enjoy the sport itself.

Lolani poses with two teammates, Marisa Thaete ’21 and Katera Paradiso ’21 in the beginning of last years season. Photo by Reinbold Photography

Thank you for reading in on this interview. Make sure to updates to stay up to date on soccer’s season and catch Lolani in action.