Alumna Spotlight: Andrea Hester


A happy Andrea Hester. Photo by Shailei Kraft

Grace Battaglia and Kate Noden

Andrea Hester graduated from Rosary in 2017. You could spot Andrea around campus always making people laugh. During her time at Rosary, she served as the vice president of her senior class, and she was a homecoming princess in 2016. She continued her softball career at Dominican College in New York and received a scholarship to do so.

So what has been up with this softball star since she graduated Rosary?

R.R: What year are you in college?

AH:  “I am a sophomore in college.”

Andrea with roomates having a christmas celebration. Photo by Ally Pannuto

R.R: How old were you when you started playing softball?

AH: “I was five years old when I started playing. I have loved softball ever since.”

R.R: What has been your favorite part about continuing your softball career into college? A.H: “My favorite part about entering college on a sports team is that I instantly had a group of friends as soon as I arrived on campus. I also get to continue playing a sport that I love.”

R.R: What are you most excited about this softball season?

A.H: “Playing in college is very different than playing in high school. So, I am most excited that I am no longer a freshman because I now have one season under my belt. I am more experienced and understand more about the game.”

R.R: How has Rosary prepared you for college?

A.H: “Rosary prepared me so much for college, both academically and socially. My time at Rosary taught me the importance of hard work in the classroom and how to work on a team with others.”

Andrea and a group of friends on a day out. Photo by Andrea Hester

R.R: What has been one of the biggest changes for you while living in New York?

A.H: “Definitely being so far away from home. Moving to the opposite side of the country truly made me appreciate my friends and family a lot more. Also, the weather was very hard to get to used to. But a plus of the weather change is I got to buy a whole new winter wardrobe.”

R.R: What was your favorite tradition at Rosary?
A.H: “As much as I love Red and Gold as a whole, my favorite part of it is Red and Gold kick off.”

R.R: What is one thing Rosary taught you that has helped you through college?

A.H: “Rosary really taught me the importance of sisterhood and staying true to yourself and your values.”

Andrea and her sister Rachel spending time together at the beach. Photo by Nathan Hester

R.R: What is one piece of advice you would give to students at Rosary?
A.H: “Really just be yourself, it doesn’t matter how weird you are. There will be even weirder people than you in college, so might as well embrace it!”

This Royal alumna has continued working hard since she left Rosary. It is safe to say that Andrea Hester is proudly representing Rosary on the East Coast.