More Holidays Than You’d Expect

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More Holidays Than You’d Expect

Holly Middleton, Sports Editor

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Over finals and winter break, Rosary Royals celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. However, a few of them had something else to celebrate – their birthdays. Here’s an update on the Royals who became a whole year older over break.

Angela Balthazar ’19 – December 19th

This Royal senior celebrated her 18th birthday with a lovely dinner with her closest friends. Angela’s house was adorned with pinks and whites and silvers – her favorite colors. Sophia Daniels, a senior, tells the Royal Reporter that “I was excited to celebrate the birthday of one of the closest friends that I have made at Rosary. Coming here from public school wasn’t easy, but I remember Angela making every day easier. She’ll always be my friend, even when we go off to college.”

Sophia Daniels ’19 celebrates fellow senior Angela Balthazar’s 18th birthday. Photo provided by Sophia Daniels

Holly Middleton ’19 – December 20th

Holly Middleton celebrated her 18th birthday at Dave and Buster’s in Orange on the last day of finals. Attendees paired of and competed for points, in which they redeemed for erasers, toys, candy, mugs, and socks.

Senior Holly Middleton basks in the glory of her victory over a Servite student in the game Crossy Road. Photo by M. Middleton

Claire Early ’21 – December 31st

This year, the Early family completed their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas to celebrate the new year and Claire Early’s birthday. She was grateful to celebrate both events in the warm Nevada weather.

“I always look forward to traveling to Las Vegas with my mom, dad, and older brother to wrap up the year,” the junior shares. “It’s even better because the attention is mostly on me – my birthday is incredibly important, of course. I hope we continue to celebrate me, and maybe the new year, beyond my high school years.”

Claire Early poses in front of the desert palms in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve 2018, also known as her 16th birthday! Photo courtesy of Claire Early

Here are more birthdays that were celebrated over break:

Maya Gutierrez ’19 – December 22nd

Aliyah Medina ’21 – December 24th

Julia Oskorus ’20 – December 24th

Kaylee Rysdon ’21 – December 25th

Haley Robinson ’19 – December 31st

Juliana LeVecke ’21 – January 3rd

Hayley Johnson ’20 – January 6th

If you had a birthday over break and are not on this list…. We at the Royal Reporter hope all your dreams come true.

An official reminder, courtesy of the Royal Reporter: be sure to wish these Royals a (late) happy birthday and watch out for future birthdays.


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