The Secret Lives of Teachers over Break

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The Secret Lives of Teachers over Break

Dr. Villasenor's amazing view. Photo by Dr. Villasenor.

Dr. Villasenor's amazing view. Photo by Dr. Villasenor.

Dr. Villasenor's amazing view. Photo by Dr. Villasenor.

Dr. Villasenor's amazing view. Photo by Dr. Villasenor.

Evelyn Zhao and Theresa Ceman

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We just had a wonderful Christmas break, and the Royal Reporter has noticed that many Rosary students had a great time with their families and friends by their smiling and energetic faces. Over break students usually have a nice trip with families, eat delicious food, hang out with friends, and relax. However, being a student at Rosary Academy, we are always busy and tend to forget some of our favorite teachers have lives too. Aren’t you a little curious about what teachers did over the break?

Royal Reporters have interviewed some teachers on campus. Let us get to know them and enter their worlds.

We first interviewed Ms. Barclay.

RR: What did you do over the break?

Ms. Barclay and her husband over break. Photo By Ms. Barclay

Ms. Barclay: Over the break, I traveled to San Diego to see my father and up to the central coast to see my childhood friends. My trip up north was great. I love the weather in San Luis Obispo—it’s cold, beachy, and gray over the winter; this makes me happy. My husband and I also stayed in a cool, famous hotel called the Madonna Inn. Every single room is different. We got the horse themed room and it was perfectly odd.

RR: What is your favorite memory from the break?

Ms. Barclay: My favorite memory from break was making tamales with my mom. It’s a Christmas tradition, and the whole family helps out.

Then, we interviewed Dr. Villasenor.

Dr. Villasenor and her mom dancing at the luau.
Photo by Dr. Villasenor

RR:  Did you travel to another place over the break?

Dr. Villasenor: During break, I went to Hawaii with my husband and my mom. We spent Christmas in Kona, Hawaii. Then for New Year’s, my husband and I went to Scottsdale, Arizona to spend the holiday with some of our friends that live out there.

RR: Did you enjoy your time over there?

Dr. Villasenor: We had an awesome time there! I got married on Kauai, but hadn’t been to the Big Island since I was a young child, so it was great to go back and explore it.

RR: What is your favorite thing from the break?

Dr. Villasenor and her husband in Haiwaii.
Photo by Dr. Villasenor

Dr. Villasenor: My favorite thing that I did over break was go to Two Steps Beach on Hawaii and go snorkeling. We saw all sorts of different kinds of fish and sea life, including sea turtles.

We also talked to Mrs. Jenkins, who said, “Unfortunately, my break was not every exciting.”

RR: What did you do on your break? Have a good rest?

Mrs. Jenkins: I caught up on sleep, spent time with family, and read!

RR: What is your favorite activity over break?

Mrs. Jenkins: My favorite thing over break was going to the movies! I watched Mary Poppins Returns and Bohemian Rhapsody. They were both very good movies!

After discovering the secret of what teachers do over break, we learned that teachers also enjoy their breaks as students do.

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