Meet the New Junior Basketball Transfer Students


Asia Avinger '20 & Nicole Rodriguez '20 pose for basketball photos. Photo by Savannah Felix '19

Maryann Compton, Staff Writer

At Rosary, you may not notice any new students because you may not have classes with them. However, we do have two new student transfers who play basketball, and it’s time to learn more about them. 

Asia Avinger ’20 came to Rosary in August from Los Alamitos High School. She has been playing basketball since the age of 4, and because of her skills, she landed a spot on the Varsity team here at Rosary. She enjoys playing basketball a lot, especially because of her teammates and the positivity that flows around the team. Caylee Santos ’20 says, “On the court, Asia is very aggressive and serious, and always strives to play her best, but off the court, she is very funny and likes to laugh a lot. Both on and off the court, however, she shows great leadership, and I’m glad to be friends with her.”

Asia explains her love for Rosary: “Everyone is so welcoming and helps each other out, and I feel like that’s a great community to be a part of.” In her spare time, Asia enjoys swimming and spending time with her friends, and when she can, she likes to mix up her Rubik’s cube and solve it.

Asia Avinger ’20 ready to rep Rosary’s basketball team. Photo by Savannah Felix ’19

Alongside Asia comes transfer Nicole Rodriguez ‘20. Nicole came in November from Norco High School. Similar to Asia, Nicole made the varsity team because of her strong basketball skills. In her spare time, Nicole likes to spend time with her friends and go to Disneyland. Nicole states, “I am very excited to play; however, I have to sit out until December 22. I’m also looking forward to playoffs because I am confident that we will do well this season.”

At Norco, Nicole was the only girl who made the boy’s freshman baseball team. When she went to a baseball tournament in Cooperstown, NY, she was also the only girl to score two home runs. 

Bryn Boznanski ’20 says, “Nicole is a very talented player who brings a lot of skills to the table. I’m really excited to play alongside her in basketball and softball. She has a lot of potential and will really help us this season.”

Even though Nicole lives in Eastvale, she expresses, “I love the community, so the drive up isn’t too bad if it means I can see my close friends.”

Both of our transfers are excited for the school year as well as season. They have a very competitive tournament–The Nike Showcase–coming up in December, causing them to take their finals early.  They leave on Wednesday, December 19, and we await news of their victories!