Santa’s Cookie Menu

Santa knows best when it comes to cookies. He's had his fair share. Photo by Jill Wellington

Santa knows best when it comes to cookies. He's had his fair share. Photo by Jill Wellington

Kat Davis and Isabella Tejeda

The Christmas season isn’t the same without the delicious delight of cookies; Santa and others can attest to that. Hailey Morris ‘20 told the Royal Reporter that her favorite Christmas cookies are the Classic Sugar Cookies. Mr. Deleon, one of Rosary’s Science teachers, keeps it classy with the Classic Chocolate Chip cookie during the holidays, exclaiming, “ You just can’t mess up Chocolate Chip cookies.” Here is easy access to some more holiday cookies to bake up for family and friends this giving season: 

Can’t have a snowball fight with these snowballs. Eating them sounds better. Photo by Stacy Spensley

Russian Tea Cakes (Snowballs): 

Russian’ around this holiday season? Take a tea break with these sweets. Bite into a snowball of dough and sugar with delicious powdery texture. 

Classic Spritz Cookies: 

 Spritz Cookies: Perfect cookies to make with friends or family. Photo by Wendy Copley

Can’t go wrong with the classics. Spritz it up in the kitchen with this recipe that creates an interesting yet simple design into sweet tasting cookie. 


Chocolate Crinkles: 

Chocolate Crinkles: Interesting look and delicious taste. Photo by Petra 

Put a crinkle in the Christmas times with these chocolate delights. These soft cookies with hanker any chocolate sweet tooth. 


Jam Kolache: 

Jam Kolachies. More like a pastry but still considered a cookie. Photo by Kelly Garbato

Feeling like jamin’ out in the kitchen this season? Turn up these jammed sweets to match the mood. 


Linzer Star Christmas Cookies: 

Bake a galaxy with these cookies. A 10 point star or a classic circle with powered sugar on the rims and fruity jam in the center. Best of both worlds. 

Linzer Star Cookies: Classic ‘sit by the fire’ cookies with such a warm taste. Photo by congerdesign

The Royal Reporter wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Take a break and bake.