Brilliant Benavides

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Brilliant Benavides

Sofia Benavides is happy to have a new book to read. Photo by Marisa Lopez

Sofia Benavides is happy to have a new book to read. Photo by Marisa Lopez

Sofia Benavides is happy to have a new book to read. Photo by Marisa Lopez

Sofia Benavides is happy to have a new book to read. Photo by Marisa Lopez

Tina Enright, Staff Writer

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You’ve probably seen this brilliant soul walking the halls of Rosary Academy, with her black and white backpack hanging off one shoulder, wearing one of her three collegiate jackets. As her biggest fan, I will gladly attest to Sofia Benavides’ greatness, as she is the most amazing human being I have ever come to know.

Let me give you a little background before I begin my ramble of exaltation.

Sofia Benavides is a remarkable senior at Rosary Academy who loves to read, write, watch Netflix, and sleep. In the future, she would love to pursue her passion as a writer at a liberal arts college in Oregon or Northern California. Sofia feels a little differently about college then most students do. She says, “I don’t really want to go, but I really want to learn how to write, so I’m okay with going for writing.” It would be a terrible mistake for any college to decline Sofia’s admission, as she would be a blessing to whatever school she attends.

Sofia is also a proud environmental activist who says that if her career as a writer fails (which could never happen), she “has no problem being a high school English teacher because high schoolers are wack, and they’ll keep me young and hip when I’m old and gross.” If all else fails, she says, “I would alternatively love to live in the countryside of England and become a vegetable farmer. But I don’t know anything about farming so that might not happen.” Whether Sofia turns out to be a world’s best-selling author or a street farmer in Oklahoma, I promise to buy all the books she writes and all the veggies she grows.

Sofia also really loves plants; she has a pet turtle named Alexandra, and she is the proud mother of three cacti children (rest in peace Victor) whom she loves and cares for as her own. Excluding her “Meat Mondays,” bacon cheeseburgers, and breakfast sausage of course, Sofia eats mostly vegetarian.

Senior Sofia Benavides taking a selfie. Photo by Sofia Benavides


Now let’s talk about her writing.  As a child, Sofia admits that she “never went outside or played with other kids. I just sat inside and stared at a computer and wrote.” Sofia is currently writing three novels. Yes, I said THREE novels. Tell me of another seventeen-year-old who is writing even one, much less three books at such a young age. Sofia is wise beyond her years, with a mind on another level of brilliance that most people can never reach in a lifetime.

According to Sofia, she “physically cannot not write. Excuse my double negative.” She says, “Some people release emotions and thoughts by singing, playing a hardcore sport, doing math?? I don’t do that stuff, so I write.”

Sofia began writing her first book when she was only eight years old, and she called it Strange Footprints. “That book has evolved and it’s not called Strange Footprints anymore because that’s stupid, but I’m still writing something loosely based on it, it’s just very rough,” she says. “But I do have two books I’m writing that have an actual plot to them, and I hope to finish writing them sometime in college.” When Sofia does publish her first few novels, I will be sure to let the whole world know, so that everyone makes a trip to their local bookstore to make that valuable purchase.

So what kind of writing does this spectacular senior do? “I’m not really into high fantasy or nonfiction, so I would say I enjoy writing realistic fiction or more specifically contemporary,” Sofia says, “I also do a little poetry on the side and recently a teeny bit of songwriting.” Basically, she writes anything and everything.

For anyone struggling with writing, Sofia is willing to help you. She says, “I do English tutoring, so if your essay skills need work, hit me up and I will help you!”

Sofia has another note to share with all Royals: “I would encourage anyone interested in writing to apply to CSSSA (California State Summer School for the Arts) because it was the best experience of my entire life. They also have other majors like film, animation, visual arts, and music, but I went for writing obviously. It’s basically a month-long summer program at CalArts, and you get to stay in the dorms and go to class for specific writing stuff like poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and screenplay.”

CSSSA Poetry class of 2018. Photo by CSSSA


“While I was at CSSSA, I learned a lot more about writing and it encouraged me to start a little poetry blog/website that I update whenever I remember to. It’s kind of nice having somewhere to put all my poems,” she adds. “I didn’t know anything about poetry until I went to CSSSA, and my eyes were opened.” I read every poem Sofia posts on her blog, and it’s incredibly inspiring because she didn’t start writing poetry until she was fifteen, and the stuff she comes up with now takes my breath away.

As a whole, Sofia is simply an extraordinary human being, and I am so excited to see what her future holds. I am very sad that she will only be at Rosary for one more semester, but I know she will do amazing things in this world. I am beyond blessed to have befriended such a wonderful person.


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